Mobility is hot! Every enterprise wants to go BYOD. Employees are loving it, Execs are loving it, and IT is confused. Fear not, cause Citrix Access Gateway (as a part of Citrix XenMobile) is here to help.

If you have followed enterprise mobility over the last few months, there is no way you are not aware of all the super cool stuff that’s happening around Citrix XenMobile. XenMobile is the only Enterprise Mobility solution out there, which has the breadth of securing Apps, Data and Network, across all devices, with a great end user experience and really granular policy controls for IT. To find out more on Citrix XenMobile, come be a part of Citrix Synergy.

When it comes to securing the network, it is Citrix Access Gateway, which is doing all the magic. Citrix came up with MDX technologies to provide the most secure mobile app experience, and a part of that framework is the MDX Micro VPN technology. Unlike a typical SSL VPN, we decided to tackle mobile network access in a ‘smart and secure’ way.

Let’s start with what happens with a traditional SSL VPN client on a mobile device. When you have to connect to your corporate LAN to access an enterprise app/data, you connect via an SSL VPN client, and this gives you a full tunnel to your corporate network. This is almost like being a part of the local corporate LAN and gives you access to everything. While it is not too bad for the end user, in the BYOD world, this is a huge threat in IT’s mind. This is a device that IT does not manage, has no control on what apps / data resides on this device, and now such a device is a part of my enterprise network.

So how does Access Gateway do this differently? Access Gateway provides Micro VPNs instead of device level SSL VPNs. These Micro VPNs are essentially Application level VPNs, and allow VPN access to legitimate applications only.

How does that work? Well, with MDX Micro VPN, enterprise applications that reside on the end user’s phone/tablet have a security wrapper built around them. This wrapper enforces various mobile control policies. Additionally, it is this wrapper that has the embedded logic on how to connect to the corporate network via Access Gateway. So every time the application needs to interact with a resource, which resides on the corporate LAN, this security wrapper connects to Access Gateway, establishes this app level Micro VPN, and starts the interaction between the app and the enterprise resource.

Excited! I bet you are. Join me at Citrix Synergy and come attend my session SYN232, and I am going to talk all about the new world of Citrix Mobility and how Access Gateway is evolving as a part of that vision.

See you there…