I’ve been talking about desktop virtualization for almost 5 years now.  I live it, breathe it and eat this stuff for breakfast (tastes like chicken BTW).  This technology lets me work from home 100% of the time or from the beach (which is still frozen for mid-April… just sad).

As you can tell, I’m a big fan and love getting opportunities to talk about the technologies and solutions with anyone who has an interesting perspective or a real-world story. This is why I’m excited to be hosting the GeekSpeak Tonight! topic on desktop virtualization at Citrix Synergy. I get the opportunity to talk with 5 smart people who live and breathe this stuff.

Many of these people have been doing desktop virtualization for as long as I have and are either designing solutions, implementing solutions or supporting solutions. This will be a great discussion about the realities of desktop virtualization instead of some future magical utopia 🙂

But this is only the first half of what will be a great evening.  For round 2, Jack Madden, who is just as passionate about mobility as I am with virtualization, will host another discussion on enterprise mobility (where he might talk about some future magical utopia :)).  He also has a great group of people to talk about this quickly changing area:

But there is more…


Two lucky people will win free passes to Synergy.

Jack and I have a little competition to see which session will be better.  We’ve started a little Twitter war to see who generates the biggest buzz and who comes up with the best reason for getting the free passes.  BTW, one of my favorite tweets so far is “Because you won’t announce the death of the desktop and have an awkward funeral for it”.

How do you participate?  EASY. Tweet either Jack (@jackmadden) or myself (@djfeller) and make sure you use the hashtag #SNDME2SYNRGY with your reason for wanting to go.  Jack and I will pick the winners after April 26th.

This will definitely be a great and fun GeekSpeak Tonight. One you won’t want to miss.  See you there!

Daniel – Lead Architect

Project Accelerator
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