For the past few Synergy events, we’ve talked at breakout sessions about what Personal vDisk (PvD) is, and how it can fit into your XenDesktop deployments. During that time, we’ve seen PvD deployments grow from “tire kicking” to proof-of-concept deployments to production environments. Some customers now have PvDs deployed for thousands of users. We’re continuing to see increased interest from customers in what PvD can do for them.

As these PvD deployments move from the test lab into production, we’ve heard from customers and Citrix field teams about their experiences deploying PvD – things that worked well and areas where they struggled. In learning this, we’ve incorporated some of this feedback for the next release. As a Synergy Los Angeles attendee, you’re in luck – you can be one of the first to learn about the new improvements coming in PvD.

Join us for SYN416: Best practices for managing personal virtual desktops

… where David Wagner and I will discuss:

* Improvements in PvD coming in Excalibur

* Lessons learned from real-world customer deployments

* Integrating other personalization technologies into PvD deployments

* Best practices for PvD troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance

Even if you’re a PvD expert, this breakout session will detail new features and optimizations that will be new in Excalibur!

So mark your calendars and plan on attending SYN416. I hope to see all of you there!