Citrix has always understood the importance of giving back to our communities. Today, being a good corporate citizen is more important than ever, as customers, employees, business partners, and even investors have higher expectations of the role business can play in helping to solve social problems.

Citrix believes in a world where people can experience work and life in harmony. Inventing and delivering fantastic technologies is one way. Being a caring corporate citizen is another way by helping people work better and live better. But not everyone has the same access to satisfying, stable, work. For families in need, in particular, obstacles like child care, housing, transportation, health care, and earning a living wage weaken the tie between work and well-being. Our corporate citizenship efforts focus on helping families in need strengthen the tie between work and well being.

But focus alone is not enough. A focus needs people to act on it. And because of our culture of initiative and leadership to act on this focus, our Global Day of Impact was implemented to give our employees the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families in need in their communities. It’s a way to come together as one global company and deliver a powerful day of volunteer service to those less fortunate. And a way to let our employees do what they do best; give their time, talent and passion in service to others.

Over the last three years, 80,000 volunteer hours have been used by our employees in service to local communities around the world. Best of all, more than 160 nonprofit charitable organizations in 40 countries spanning 5 continents have been supported as a validation of strengthening our commitment to the community.

Here’s your chance to get involved and make a difference during Synergy. New this year, Simply Serve @ Synergy invites our customers, partners and employees to roll up their sleeves and open their hearts to the underserved in Los Angeles. Join us on Wednesday, May 22, from 3 pm to 6 pm for an afternoon of hands-on assistance supporting a homeless shelter. Learn more and sign up here.

Thank you for your giving spirits and willingness to Simply Serve.  Learn more about our corporate citizenship efforts here and help us change the world!