T-Minus 35 Days………..Citrix Cloud Networking will be in beautiful sunny Southern California!

This year, Citrix Synergy takes on both sides of mobile workstyles – the flexibility to work and live your way and the ability to secure, control, manage and scale the IT systems that support this freedom.

Power your cloud with Citrix Cloud Networking

Citrix networking solutions were powering some of the largest and most successful clouds in the world before they were called clouds. Today they support integration with Citrix CloudPlatform and other cloud orchestration and virtualization platforms. Leading cloud service providers use them to seamlessly and cost-effectively scale the network along with compute and storage capacity.

These solutions:

  • Deliver the underlying layer four through seven services to power your cloud and provide availability, load balancing, security, acceleration and offloading.
  • Provide flexible purchase and upgrade options, ensuring the flexibility to meet cloud-scale price points. These include virtual and physical appliances, Pay-As-You-Grow pricing, and single and multi-tenant offerings.
  • Offer service providers superior flexibility, elasticity, multi-tenancy and isolation.
  • Form the foundation for additional value-added offerings and differentiation.

Use Citrix Cloud Networking as the foundation for delivering higher SLAs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Many of you have reached out asking what are the best sessions to attend…. My answer- “All of them!” For those that are interested, below is a complete list of the available networking break out sessions that will be available to attend during #CitrixSynergy 2013.

  • SYN103: Optimize your network for hybrid cloud deployments with CloudBridge
  • SYN208: HDX Insight for total application visibility in XenApp and XenDesktop environments
  • SYN209: NetScaler accelerating mobility apps: a live report from the field
  • SYN210: Leveraging NetScaler for mobility and secure remote access
  • SYN211: How tomorrow’s enterprise network can benefit from today’s mobile carrier networks
  • SYN222: Architecting a global XenApp farm with regional users using NetScaler and StoreFront
  • SYN232: NetScaler Gateway powers MDX technologies for secure mobility and BYOD
  • SYN303: Use CloudBridge to accelerate datacenter storage replication
  • SYN304: Accelerate XenDesktop, XenApp, ShareFile and video deployments in branch offices
  • SYN314: Five more cool things you didn’t know were possible with NetScaler
  • SYN315: Best practices for a Cisco ACE to NetScaler migration
  • SYN316: Architecting a scalable and more secure next-gen datacenter with enterprise mobility
  • SYN332: Real-world guidance on tuning NetScaler for high performance
  • SYN333: Delivering desktops in a multi-tenant environment using NetScaler
  • SYN402: Consolidating network services with NetScaler SDX
  • SYN403: Double the performance of your network without doubling your budget
  • SYN407: Deploying global server load balancing using persistent methods
  • SYN410: Getting the best performance from NetScaler
  • SYN609: What’s new in NetScaler 10.1
  • SYN610: Application visibility for web and virtualized applications using NetScaler Insight Center
  • SYN620: Securing a desktop virtualization environment with NetScaler Gateway

We look forward to seeing you there!  Don’t forget to pack the sunglasses and shorts!