Hello! From the XenDesktop Design Engineering Test Team

(My name is Steve, Cheers!)

As a new team recently formed inside the Desktops and Apps  engineering group at Citrix, we would like to use this post to introduce ourselves and let you know what we are all about.

Currently, the team consists of 3 members Steve Turnbull, Joel Kattermann, and Parry Kitchner. Collectively we have been with Citrix for almost 30 years, and have a great deal of experience across several products from many angles of test and product validation.

Our team is a small group within the test department, focused currently on Citrix XenDesktop. We took on the challenge of designing new methods and strategies around validation, in order to increase product quality. One giant piece of the puzzle is to improve our understanding of customers and how they utilize our products.

In order to get that information we’ve scoured the internal information we have available within Citrix, but there’s nothing like fresh input straight from the customer.  So here’s where we hope to start an active relationship with you.  We want to make sure what we test in new releases of XenDesktop, is how the customer intends and expects to use it.

Were engineers so how about a brief FAQ: ☺

Why do you want to know us?

(Hi! i’m Parry)

We need to know what our customers do currently with our products,    and then bake that into the way we engineer and validate. With your help in collecting that knowledge, we want to implement those real-world configurations into our test stack.  This includes …

  • IT Environments our products are expected to function in.
  • Other Citrix and 3rd Party product integrations or requirements.
  • Workflows, or daily interaction scripts that will highlight core usability, security, and stability concerns.

This means better quality products validated in environments and scenarios you help us define!

What can you expect from us in the future?

(Hello, my name is Joel.)

Requests for your input! Look for opportunities to voice your opinions and interact with our team in the form of …

  • Research sessions.
  • Customer polls.
  • Events we will be attending.

Technical articles detailing newly released products that feature…

  • Unique and efficient configurations.
  • Hot topics raised by incoming support issues and how to troubleshoot.
  • Tech tips to help you deploy and maintain our products consistently.

How to contact us?

Want to learn more about the XenDesktop Design Engineering team? Have some information you think could help us design better tests? Let us know!

Email us @ DesignEngineering@citrix.com