There are lots of good rumors going around about a looming Apple iWatch. Some think it will be just another toy for fanboys but I think it could be much more, here is how I could use it for work & play.

iNotifications – I usually have my ringer turned off and wear my iPhone on a belt holster, as a result I miss a lot of calls and delay reading messages. The iWatch could include a vibration mode that makes unobtrusive notifications and allow a quick glance to see who’s calling or messaging.

ProximityPIN – The iWatch could be an ideal 2 factor authentication device that permits instant app access when your iWatch is near your smartphone, tablet or PC. As soon as you walk about or leave your device behind the Autolock gets enabled. The low energy Bluetooth technology ( BLE ) makes this a viable option that does not need constant recharging. The Authentec Fingerprint technology that Apple recently acquired could also add biometrics with a simple swipe.

Don’t Lose my Phone – The current Find my Phone feature is useful but usually too late. I want to be notified before I lose my Phone or Tablet, like when I leave my iPad on the airplane ( Twice so far ..). Instead give me a gentle reminder vibration when I get out of range.

TouchTalk – Do you ever want a colleague to shut up in a meeting? Or pick up the pace of a presentation ? With TouchTalk you will be able to discretely communicate with out words or handwaving, simply tapping codes in your iWatch could communicate corresponding vibrations to your colleagues iWatch ( with permissions ). This could even bring back morse code but with LOL instead of SOS as the predominant message.

iFit – Fitbit and other wearables have proven the market, but the iWatch could provide a much more seamless and integrated experience including prompting notifications to do more..  not just recording.

iTV Remote – Some of the rumors say it will be an iRing to control the iTV. That seems like its just waiting to get lost. I would rather have it on my wrist all the time. This would also be great to use with Presentations without needing the remote clicker..

SiriTap – Siri keeps getting better but it’s most useful in hands free situations and thats not when I want to reach for my phone. I want to tap  ( or swipe ) my iWatch to activate Siri with a remote mic and speaker so my iPhone stays in its case.

iTime – I also want my iWatch to read my calendar and vibrate meeting notifications before they start. Plus include smart features like Google Now that tell me to leave early due to traffic or other intelligent reminders. So I will use the iWatch to tell time .. But now it will be smart time with upcoming events and suggestions.

What would it take for you to buy an iWatch?

Will Apple include the killer features first or do we look to Samsung or others ?