Once you’ve gathered your Enterprise Mobility requirements, and assessed the ability of your current infrastructure to support them, it’s time to make all of the design decisions required to deploy a solution.  At Synergy, Los Angeles, Citrix WorldWide Consulting will be hosting a workshop to bring to light key design decisions that must be made, along with other key planning steps involved in implementing Enterprise Mobility solutions.  The workshop will also include hands-on labs to highlight the implementation of key design decisions.


Learn about Citrix Enterprise Mobility products, and the Consulting Methodology used to implement them according to requirements through assess, design, and deploy phases.


Assess information necessary to support the design phase including business and technical.

  • Read a detailed Case Study pertaining to an Enterprise in need of a Mobility infrastructure.
  • Participate in an exercise to gather high level requirements based on the Case Study.
  • Review the requirements necessary to satisfy the Case Study.


Design with a five-layer approach to ensure than all key decisions are considered.

  • Learn a Mobility Reference Architecture framework.
  • Participate in an exercise to design an Architecture based on the Case Study requirements.
  • Review the Architecture necessary to satisfy the Case Study.


Deploy use cases, to meet requirements, according to decisions made in the design phase.

  • Digest a detailed Enterprise Mobility use case implementation runbook.
  • Participate in an exercise to deploy scenarios, based on use case design decisions, in a live lab environment.
  • Test scenarios with your own mobile device.

For more information visit: SYN604: Enterprise mobility planning and design workshop

Looking forward to seeing you at the WorkShop!

 Matt Brooks

Worldwide Consulting Solutions