With the slick new line of Ultrabooks coming onto the market, mobile road warriors have a great line of devices to count on when they need to work on presentations, build spreadsheets, or write documents.

Of course, they also have their smartphones and/or tablets for consuming information or performing quick tasks, but according to the Gartner “snack-dine-cook” model, when they need to produce documents, they can really “cook” with their laptop.

For those unfamiliar with this Gartner model, it basically equates consuming information and responding to messages on your phone as “snacking,” doing quick tidbits of work on your tablet as “dining,” and doing more extensive work on your laptop as “cooking.”

The Challenge

But what happens when something goes wrong? What if the software gets corrupted, or if a virus or malware begins to wreak havoc on their machine?  You can still get bits of work done using your tablet (if you’re carrying it), and at least do some email and some light work on your smartphone.  The challenge occurs when you really need to cook.

Well, if you were in the office, a call to IT might help out. IT might be able to resolve your problem by running some utilities, which wouldn’t be too bad.  Or, they might need to re-image your machine, which would be a bit more of a pain.  But on the road with intermittent Internet access, if you need to get a bunch of work done, you can be the one who’s cooked instead of doing the cooking.

Instant Recovery Gets You Cooking

Many of these challenges can be solved when using the local FlexCast option of XenDesktop, which is powered by XenClient.  This is included within both XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum, so if you’re an existing XenDesktop customer, you have access to it already.

When a laptop is running XenClient, it runs a local virtual desktop in a mode where the core OS and applications are held in a protected golden image.  So if you accidentally click into a website that delivers malware or a virus, rebooting brings you right back to your golden image. Not every problem a road warrior will run into can be solved through instant recovery (e.g., clearly hardware issues cannot be) – but many can, and having this capability certainly skews the odds in the road warriors favor. While this capability is valuable for anyone who’s using a PC, it’s super-valuable for those road warriors who can’t just have IT swing by to help them out.

About XenClient

XenClient is a production-ready client virtualization solution with thousands of desktops in deployment today.  We encourage you to try it today by downloading XenClient 4.5.

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