MDM, MAM, MIM, EMM, in fact there’s more M’s being talked about at Citrix Synergy 2013 than can be found in the name Mickey Mouse, which is coincidently the location of this year’s Mega event – Disneyland in Los Angeles. Mobility is the word and Citrix is taking the lead this year with Citrix XenMobile MDM and the Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle. All this talk about Mobility, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Information Management (MIM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can scare the pants off you and like many technologies that come charging at you from all directions, you hope that you might be able to avoid the expense of having to deploy yet another solution into your enterprise. Bad news, Mobility is here to stay and while the devices might evolve into something more dynamic and outrageous in the coming years, the reality of the internal and external mobile workforce has already shaped our existence.

Mobility MakeoverSo here we go! You’ve got Windows applications that have been developed in-house and taken many years and great expense to program; you’ve got legacy applications that would never be able to be re-programmed for mobile technology; and most importantly of all, you’ve got security issues that prohibit you from storing any information on client devices; and to cap it all off, you’ve got your CEO, who has just been to a Citrix sales based seminar, calling you up and saying, “Where’s my mobile workforce? Why don’t we have MDM and EMM? GO AHEAD, MMD times two!” “MMD times two”, you ask? “MAKE MY DAY and MAKE MY DEVICE!” the CEO exclaims.

How on earth can you begin to start the path into Mobile Application development and deployment without asking for a long development cycle and a massive budget to boot? Simple! You’ve already got Citrix XenApp 6.5 and Citrix XenDesktop 5.6, and you’ve been hosting those applications for years within your enterprise – right? So just use the Citrix Receiver for Android or IOS. Then you say, “But I’ve seen that technology already and the applications still look like windows applications and the buttons and controls are terrible to use.” Well, once that WAS true, but no longer.

So now we begin the journey together and show our CEO how we can ease into MDM, MAM and EMM and utilize the technology that we already own, and instead of hiring a whole new mobility team whose hourly programming rate would send the company to the wall, you can MHD (Make His/Her Day) and use the CMP, Citrix Mobility Pack. What is the CMP? As detailed here, the Citrix Mobility Pack improves the experience of mobile device users who access Windows applications through the Citrix Receiver. Some of the features of the CMP include:

  • The use of mobile device controls instead of native Windows controls such as combo boxes.
  • Automatic display of the device keyboard when an editable field has the focus. The desktop session scrolls if needed to make the input area visible.
  • A touch-optimized desktop for mobile devices that provides:
  • Support for providing mobile device location (GPS) information to remote application sessions.
  • A mobile device development platform, Citrix Mobile Application Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables Enterprise Windows developers to write applications for mobile devices using familiar programming languages. The Mobile Application SDK includes interfaces to:
    • Control how buttons are used on the mobile device
    • Set screen orientation
    • Activate the on-screen keyboard
    • Use local user interface controls instead of Windows controls
    • Access the device’s telephone, SMS, and camera functions

You now know all about the theory behind the CMP. So where can you go to actually learn real programing techniques and see real world examples I hear you ask. Simple again! Be at Citrix Synergy 2013 in Los Angeles and attend the Geek Speak Live! session SYN505 – From Windows app to mobile app in 10 easy minutes with Jason Conger, Donovan Hackett and myself. I guarantee it will MYD (Make Your Day)!

Warren Simondson is managing director and founder of Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, an Australian firm established in 2002 The company is known for the CAD Freeware Util Pack, a collection of 30+ freeware utilities developed by Warren to extend the functionality and management of Terminal Server and Citrix environments. Warren has worked in the information technology field for over 15 years and is a Citrix Technology Professional, Citrix Certified Integration Architect and Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer. Check out his freeware tools at and be sure to follow his Twitter handle: @CADITC.