Previous installments of this blog series gave a brief history on mobile workstyles, as well as an overview of Citrix Remote PC Access that highlighted Remote PC Access as a component of the broader Citrix desktop virtualization solution. In this blog we look at how Remote PC Access complements other Citrix desktop virtualization solutions.

Remote PC access demonstrates the value of flexible desktop delivery with FlexCast. For VDI , users can start using their desktop image instantly with Receiver and HDX, without waiting for IT to transition their image to the datacenter. After the image is transitioned into the datacenter, or delivered in a different manner, their user experience doesn’t change; they continue to use Receiver and HDX to access the desktop image. This has accelerated multiple VDI deployments by many months.

When it comes to Remote PC Access and GoToMyPC, it’s all about the use case! Remote PC access and GotoMyPC are entirely complimentary of each other! When considering which way to go think about the following choices:

  • Cloud control or On-premise
  • Receiver and HDX-enabled or web technologies
  • Standalone or  XenDesktop/XenApp integration
  • Self-service or automated

These high-level points, and more, are illustrated below, to help decide which solution is most appropriate for any given situation.


Figure 1: Positioning GoToMyPC and Remote PC access.

Taking a look now at XenClient, we can see that by combining Remote PC Access with XenClient a new capability is unlocked. In a prior blog I discussed how XenClient can provide image management by virtualizing at the client as well as multiple secure isolated environments on the client with support for the offline users. Remote PC access, on the other hand,  is about secure remote access back to the user’s own PC running in the office with a HDX user experience. By combining Remote PC access and XenClient, Citrix delivers a powerful desktop virtualization solution to the workforce with secure mobility – all in one solution.


Figure 2: Moving from Remote PC access with traditional computing to Remote PC access with XenClient Enterprise; as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Citrix is changing the secure remote access landscape by introducing Citrix XenDesktop with Remote PC access and integrating it with core technologies to provide simple solutions that change how Enterprises deliver and access “traditional” desktops.

With Remote PC access, users are guaranteed a great HDX experience and all the benefits of Citrix delivery infrastructure. For IT, it provides a rapid, low-cost path to desktop virtualization that is completely future proof and compatible with a broader XenDesktop deployment.