Is your organization using ShareFile?

If not, what file sharing service are your users using?

Every week, I talk to Enterprise customers who want to provide users with a way to securely access files, but they just aren’t sure how. Many openly admit that their users are using products like Dropbox – against corporate policy – and that they are very concerned about what that means for control over sensitive files.

Just over a year ago I joined the ShareFile team excited about the  opportunity to provide  Enterprises with a great file sharing and synchronization product. In the past year, we have released some really cool headline features like Active Directory integrationStorageZones, mobile device access control and encryption, and built-in support for mobile device editing. The pace of development with ShareFile has been incredible and I’m sure it has been a challenge to keep up with all that ShareFile can do. With ShareFile, you can deliver a service that users will be excited to use without compromising the security of your data. Join us at Synergy for SYN206: What’s new in ShareFile Enterprise as Juliano Maladaner, ShareFile Product Architect, and I explain how all these great features fit together into a solution that Gartner gave their highest rating in the Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing market.

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