So you’re on your way to a new and shiny XenDesktop infrastructure?

…and you’ve heard us preaching about doing an extensive analysis of the existing IT environment and also captured the requirements of the users and business stakeholders?

…and you even have completed a detailed design of the new XenDesktop environment?

AWESOME! That’s a great start.

…but what’s next?

Unfortunately the answer is not “just roll it out”.

In most cases the deploy phase is actually a very hard piece of work. Especially when coming from a traditional and physical PC – centric environment a lot of things need to be considered. Since we’ve had a lot of customers and partners asking for some guidance in this area, we thought it would be a good idea to run a session specific to the deploy phase at Synergy. Within this session which is called “SYN319: Deploy your virtual desktop project with Citrix Consulting methodologies”, I’ll outline the Citrix Consulting Best Practices for the deploy phase. Hereby I’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Testing Strategies for Rollout and Maintenance
  • Pilot and Production Rollout Strategies
  • Training Recommendations
  • Support Structures and Tools
  • Monitoring and Operational Recommendations

If you think I’m missing something important, please leave a comment in the section below and I’ll try to incorporate it and bring you some awesome Swiss chocolate as a present.

So if you haven’t registered for Synergy yet, now it’s good time to do so.