For those who have been following the Application Delivery space for a while, they will have noted the steady rise of the Citrix NetScaler product line. In fact the last four quarters numbers from a leading analyst show Citrix taking share from F5 and others. So why are customers jumping to the NetScaler platform? Is it innovation? or performance? or reliability? or customer support? Or do they already recognize Citrix as the market leader? According to the latest extensive survey by IT Brand Pulse, customers say it is all of the above.

At the Ethernet Summit today, Citrix NetScaler (represented by yours truly) collected the Brand Leader award in the category of Application Delivery Controllers (ADC). This was not because of a point of view of any one company, committee or person, but the collective point of view of CIO’s, IT managers and administrators from a survey of 1000’s of IT professionals in companies from all industry sectors. They were given multiple categories to rate networking  products in and Citrix came first in all the categories of the ADC class;  which of course makes us the clear overall winner for the Brand Leader award – what a great way to celebrate 40 years of Ethernet!

The categories surveyed were:

  • Market Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Service and support
  • Value

So, if you are not already using Citrix NetScaler to deliver your applications, check out the product that the users say is the market leader at and see why NetScaler with Citrix TriScale Technology is the most advanced cloud networking platform on the planet.