Following on from our March 2013 Citrix Support Secrets webinar which covered Implementing and Troubleshooting EdgeSight, there was a series of questions asked during the session that we didn’t get to answer.  See the questions and answers below. BTW if you missed the webinar and would like to watch it on-demand, you can find it here.

Q: Any tips or gotcha’s when using agent on XenApp 6.5 with PVS? Will agent on install generalize properly?

Everything you need to know about installing the agent on a streamed environment can be found here:

Regarding generalization, the answer is yes. As long as the Citrix system monitoring service does not start, the install is generalized. EdgeSight Agents detect when the vDisk is in private mode and will not start. This capability eliminates the need to set the EdgeSight agent service start mode to manual.

Q: Can we get the real time data?

Yes. Using the EdgeSight console, you can connect directly to XA or Endpoints devices running the agent and obtain real time data.

Q: Can we use the SQL server as EdgeSight server?

Yes, the EdgeSight web server can be installed on the SQL server.

Q: Do you still have to use Excel 2007 for reporting or are newer versions of Office supported?

The Excel reports are a deprecated feature of EdgeSight.  They are included in each release for backward compatibility reasons but have been superseded by the reports in the Monitor and Troubleshoot tabs.

There are no plans to enhance the Excel reports to support the new features in the later versions on Microsoft Excel.

Q: For a farm of about 400 servers, how large should the EdgeSight database be created?

It really depends on how much data the servers will generate. Every environment is different and there is no such thing as a standard environment.
Citrix provides an EdgeSight Database Size Estimation Tool (see that can help you get started.

Q: Is the agent on the XenApp servers or on the user local machines?

There is an agent for XA that is installed on XA devices and an agent for Endpoints that is installed on user local machines. Both types of agent will collect local data specific to the device they are installed on and they are independent from each other.

Q: Have you changed the SQL rights or the way to connect to the sql server. I often have problems getting the dbsecurity right from the SQL administrator

When installing or upgrading the EdgeSight server, you need to have the Securityadmin server role at least so that the installation can create/modify the admin login.

This server role can be removed after installation or upgrade.

Q: How do you see real time data when you logon directly?  Just through event logs and resource manager or some Citrix tool?

You use the EdgeSight console “Monitor” and “Troubleshoot” tabs. You will also find a list of Real time reports under the “Browse” tab.

Q: How much data is lost if the Endpoint agent is not installed, rather only installed on the servers?

You don’t really lose anything, you just won’t collect data specific to the endpoint. Remember that agents are busy collecting data on their own device. There is no communication between an agent on an Endpoint and another agent on a XenApp server.

Q: Would the following message indicate that the SQL database is too busy:
“Real time information is unavailable.  The connection to the remote Citrix System Monitoring Agent database has timed out. The connection has been closed.”

No. This message occurs when you’re connecting directly to a device to obtain real time data. There is no attempt to communicate with the SQL server is this scenario.
This issue might be caused by performance issues with the Citrix System monitoring service running on the device you are connection to.

Q: If a process is generating excessive reporting on only certain servers, wouldn’t it be better to determine why versus not monitoring it on some, but not all servers?

That’s a good point. But it might be expected for some processes to generate a high amount of data.

Q: Are there recommended days of collection for certain grooming parameters?

The grooming settings come with default values that Citrix considers reasonable for a standard environment. However, in the real world, there is no such thing as a standard environment.   Grooming settings need to be assessed depending on deployment and reporting requirement.

Q: If we wanted to integrate a 3rd party application such as BMC Proactive Net monitoring, can snmp real time data be sent?

Yes. You can choose to generate an SNMP trap when an alert occurs. Traps can be sent to any trap receiver application.

Q: If you already have a monitoring environment – NSM or Solorwinds – can you levarage these systems and not have to run a seperate EdgeSight server?

If you are happy with your monitoring deployment, there is no obligation to use EdgeSight. Edgesight monitoring solution is tailored to XenApp environments and third party monitoring software might not be able to obtain XA specific data though.

Q: Session Start Detail are there any baselines for these times, for eg how many ms is a good time to load an application ?

No. It really depends on your environment. Edgesight will measure the time it takes to load an application but cannot tell you what you should expect. You should establish a baseline for this.

Q: The data shows there is an issue loading the profile — can this be broken down further to separate it out in terms of Citrix Server or Network or something else?

Yes. You can correlate this with results from other historical data, such as network latency, memory, CPU, etc.


The April 2013 webinar will cover: Top 10 Troubleshooting Tools for your Citrix Environment.

This webinar will provide an insight into the top 10 troubleshooting tools used by our Customers, Partners and Support engineers.  These tools are crucial in helping you troubleshoot the root cause of issues in your Citrix environment.

During this session you will learn:
– Why troubleshooting tools are crucial in a Citrix environment
– Overview of each troubleshooting tool
– When should I use a tool?
– Issues and their resolutions

Webinar Details
Thursday, 25th April 2013 @ 11am EST/5pm CET

Looking forward to seeing many of you online.


David McGeough
Program Manager, WW Services Marketing
Citrix Systems