SYN404: Introducing the Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit

The Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit 3.7.0

When problems occur, data points, debug tracing, and context information are things that support engineers will collect to help determine root cause and later use to affect product change if applicable.  Preparation and organization of commonly used tools has always been a time consuming challenge especially during outages.  We have all experienced this at least once in our careers but one time is all it takes to create that painful memory. Trying to coordinate the download and setup of multiple diagnostic tools to aid in troubleshooting or sometimes just enabling the logging functionality of a product can be a clumsy and cumbersome task.

If my opening thoughts have hit home, let me take a few more minutes of your time and ask you this.  How many times have you asked yourself one or more or all the questions below?

  • Where do I download that tool from?
  • I downloaded a zip file. Where should I extract this?
  • Where will the tool save the trace file?
  • What should I name the file when I save it?
  • How big will the file be?
  • Will this tool capture all the context information needed to compliment the trace data? Like: Event logs? server name? IP info?
  • How do I remove the tool and what do I do with the data it captured?
  • You want me to run how many tools at the same time?
  • Can I automate any of this?
  • How do I upload or send all this data to Citrix?
  • Is this data collected in a share-able format so other Vendors, like Microsoft can use it to help collaborate on this issue?
  • My issue only occurs at 3 am when users from overseas log in, can we schedule any of these data captures?

Now with (C.D.T.) Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit all of the above can be done and it’s quicker and easier than ever before.

The Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit addresses these challenges by rapidly deploying a suite of tools and options in an easy to use structured format.  This format closely resembles the look and feel of any standard Windows application, even though each tool is an independent standalone application itself.  Here, check it out, the screen shot below is what the program menu structure looks like on a XenApp server once C.D.T. is installed.

What it is and what it’s not.

  • The Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit is not an application – it has the look and feel of one because of its familiar characteristics.  Like, a wizard driven installer that deploys tools based on the option you select.  Also, program shortcuts that get created in your Start menu for a familiar way of accessing the tools you installed.
  • The Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit is not a tool itself – it’s a “toolkit”.  It’s a collection of tools.  It includes easy to use option menus for integrating 3rd party tools, automating mundane or cumbersome configuration tasks and initializing multi-vector data collection.
  • The Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit is not a new product – It was designed and built by a support specialist for use by support specialists.
Is your curiosity peaked yet? Want to no more about this magic box? Well I have a lot more to share and I’ll be demonstrating the most valuable asset C.D.T. brings to the table in those critical moments when outages occur.  What’s that you ask? TIME SAVINGS!!! If you believe in old clichés like I do “Time is Money” then sign up for SUM404 at Summit or SYN404 during Synergy and let me show you how the Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit can help change the way you provide support to your customers and how it has changed the way we help ours.