We are pleased to announce that Citrix Marketing Concierge is officially available in APAC for 2013.  Citrix Marketing Concierge was first introduced to the Americas in 2009. Then, EMEA partners joined in  2011. Now, we have truly gone global with our newest addition to the platform.

Partners from all over Asia-Pacific have been logging into the platform, with our highest usage to date coming from Australia. The numbers are growing at a steady pace with partners from China, Thailand, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and, much more, logging in and executing campaigns.

As Citrix Marketing Concierge expands its global reach, we are constantly innovating and aiming to improve the platform to offer Citrix partners a competitive edge that can help grow a strong pipeline, improve awareness, and grow business, for free.

With Citrix Marketing Concierge, partners can create and customize Citrix designed marketing campaigns to promote and execute Citrix Key Plays and Solution campaigns directly to their target audience.

Want to learn more? Visit Citrix Marketing Concierge today. Or, check out this quick video to get you started. Going to Citrix Summit? Visit us at the Partner Solutions Center.

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