We are working with SoC partners and OEMs to build the ecosystem of HDX Ready SoC devices which are low cost, give high performance; available in various form factors and consume less energy. To enable this ecosystem we have created a one stop place called Citrix SoC builder community portal. On this portal the new partners can get a view of the ecosystem and they can opt to be a part of it through the same portal. Once a partner opts to participate as SoC vendor or OEM to build the HDX Ready SoC device, we share the tools required for it.

Below is the brief description of these tools:

  • Receiver for Linux for ARM (SoC) and SoC SDKs: We share the latest Receiver for Linux for ARM (SoC) along with the SDK required for partners to implement HDX acceleration on their SoC. This access is selective based on the partner request.
  • HDX Ready SoC Partner Scope: This document talks at high level about technical implementation requirement from the SoC partner to accelerate different HDX features on their chipset
  • HDX Ready SoC Technical FAQ: This is the database of common technical questions that can come to you while developing the HDX Ready SoC solution. We keep updating this set of questions and answers and make the new one available for partners.
  • The OEM guide: This guide has the detailed information about settings and configurations in Linux receiver. This will be useful in implementing and customizing the solution on your device.
  • SoC Readiness kit: This has a test kit for SoC vendors to run the tests during and after the implementation to make sure that your implementation complies with the readiness criteria. The chipset which passes the SoC Readiness criteria is the right choice for OEMs to build the devices around it.
  • Linux Receiver UI/UX specification: Citrix Receiver on Linux based devices should have the user interface similar to other Citrix Receivers. To accomplish this we share the guidelines and assets to our partners using which you can implement the UI/UX on your device along with your own customizations. 
  • Step by step UI/UX guide using pnabrowse: This is a guide for the partners to get started and build a simple UI/UX using pnabrowse utility in Linux Receiver.
  • VCSDK for Linux Receiver: The Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (VCSDK) allows partners to write both host-side applications and receiver-side drivers to support additional virtual channels using the Citrix ICA protocol. This VCSDK is available on Linux for both x86 and ARM platforms
  • Dedicated support forum: You can post your queries  in the support forum dedicated for Receiver for Linux for ARM SoC.

All these tools are created for making it easy for our partners to build the HDX Ready SoC devices. Last but not the least, once you build a device using HDX Ready SoC it can be certified as HDX Ready or HDX Ready Premium and then it becomes visible on Citrix Ready Xchange Marketplace for customers to choose and buy!