CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) is a great platform from which you can easily provision services such as apps, desktops, Exchange mailboxes, SharePoint sites, you-name-it, to your end-users.  It has built-in support for the most popular services, but beyond that you can also extend it with your own services.  Additionally, you can also use scripts to query and manage CloudPortal Services Manager from your own custom tools.  This article will give you an introduction to the different types of interfaces and connectors for CPSM.


We have an easy-to-use web API that allows people to make normal web requests (over HTTP/HTTPS) to do things like create/edit/delete customers, provision/deprovision services, edit services, etc.  The documentation for the API is available as a PDF file on our website.  This is ideal to use if you have repetitive or recurring tasks that you need to do.

You can use any language that you want for this, including scripting languages.  You just need to be able to make web requests!

Services SDK

We also have a Software Development Kit (SDK) so that people can define their own services.  It follows a “plugin” architecture, and for example allows you  to write a service that will provision an off-the-shelf or in-house product, something like BackupAgent for instance, to a tenant or end-user.  We have a number of Citrix TV videos that walk through the steps required to do this (start with this one:  This needs to be written in VB.NET or C#.

Provisioning Manager

The Provisioning Manager allows you to edit the “rules” that govern what happens when a provisioning request happens.  It’s actually a graphical tool on top of the Provisioning Engine (the back-end system that does the actual work), and it is launched from the Start Menu. It is designed to be used in part by IT Admins, in other words for people who are not software programmers.  Here’s a screenshot:

Image of Provisioning Manager at a glance

It has a small scripting language that allows you to build “If… then” style statements in it.  Here’s an example:

Image of Provisioning Manager scripting

There is also an excellent Citrix TV video that explains this in more depth.  See


This blog post hopefully gave you a good overview of the tools and capabilities that are available to you, with links on how to get more details.  Additionally, in future releases of CloudPortal Services Manager we will continue to extend and offer additional ways to easily query and manage CloudPortal Services Manager… stay tuned!