Every week, I talk with Enterprise IT admins who are watching data leave their control at an alarming rate.  They aren’t monitoring a security breach or malicious employee – but an influx of users bringing consumer data storage tools into the workplace.   This is the dark side of telecommuting, BYOD, and our always-connected lifestyle – sensitive corporate data being distributed over public services and servers around the world.

With dozens of options for data storage online, most users don’t realize the security risks they are taking and the legal concerns of where that data is stored.  ShareFile gives admins the ability to roll out user-friendly sharing and syncing services to their users – while retaining tight control over the data and storing it on IT-managed storage.

With ShareFile, we offer flexibility in your deployment.  Many of our customers opt for a fully Citrix-managed solution, with Cloud services and storage – but others want to retain their sensitive data in house – for compliance, cost, or performance reasons.  Integrating with existing enterprise systems is key, and we’ve got that covered.

Join us at Synergy for ShareFile StorageZones and Active Directory Integration – where we’ll dive into the technical aspects of a ShareFile Enterprise rollout.  We’ll get down to the details of servers, storage, and networking, making it easy to offer users the best of both worlds.  You’ll learn how to deliver our reliable SaaS tools that are easy to adopt, while maintaining IT security and control that is robust and complete.

We’ll walk through the steps in a complete deployment: leveraging enterprise storage, connecting to existing data repositories, and integrating with AD for user management.

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