Today at Citrix we are excited to announce the availability of Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0. This release changes not only how we think about CloudPortal Business Manager, but more importantly how organizations will use it and the types of cloud services they can now deliver with it. Previously, CloudPortal has been the BSS/OSS (business support system, operations support system) platform for delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds built on Citrix CloudPlatform, powered by Apache CloudStack. Today that changes as CloudPortal expands to become a cloud services delivery platform for self-service IT. Infrastructure, cloud and IT services can all now be delivered to users from a simple, self-service catalog. As before, it also unifies the commerce, user management, provisioning and operational aspects of a cloud onto a single cloud business platform.

So what’s behind the evolution of CloudPortal Business Manager?
As we’ve seen, most initial cloud strategies and deployments focused on IaaS, but as adoption continues and use cases expand, clouds are quickly evolving beyond just IaaS. In response, enterprise IT is redefining cloud strategies to expand to an all-encompassing IT-as-a-Service model so they can centrally manage and deliver any cloud service. At the same time, cloud providers want to differentiate and increase their competitive edge by delivering additional cloud and IT services such as storage, desktops, platforms, apps and more.

To achieve these goals, organizations need a consistent way of delivering and enabling on-demand access to cloud and IT services through a self-service catalog, which is where CloudPortal Business Manager comes in. You can read about more the importance of self-service in the blog When is a cloud a cloud? The importance of self-service.

How will CloudPortal Business Manager help me do this?

CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0 provides a powerful platform for packaging, delivering and metering a custom set of cloud services to users. As an open and extensible platform, cloud operators and admins can leverage the newly available SDKs to offer cloud services beyond IaaS, and seamlessly integrate with existing business and operations systems. CloudPortal is going to help cloud builders in three main ways:

  • Deliver Anything-as-a-Service from a customizable catalog of services capable of delivering IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, 3rd party cloud services and enterprise applications.
  • Empower users with self-service access to the cloud and IT services, infrastructure and account management tools they need from an easy to use cloud services “storefront”.
  • Simplify cloud services management by unifying and automating services provisioning, B/OSS systems, billing and metering and user management under a single, extensible platform.

What’s new in CloudPortal Business Manager 2.0?

  • Custom Cloud Services Catalog – Create a simple, self-service catalog of services including IaaS, cloud and enterprise services.
  • Extensible Platform – Seamlessly deliver and meter any service from CloudPortal using the Cloud Service SDK and ecosystem of partner solutions.
  • Workflow Approvals – Define workflow rules for new user activation and service provisioning to ensure departmental requirements and budget approvals are met.
  • Active Directory Integration – Integrate with Active Directory to enable services provisioning rules and RBAC based on AD users, groups and roles.
  • Multi-Cloud Support – Managed and deliver IaaS cloud services from multiple, distinct Citrix CloudPlatform deployments, enabling cloud builders to provide greater variety, choice and architectures to their users.

In addition, 2.0 brings support for Citrix CloudPlatform 3.05, user experience improvements, advanced usage and mediation rules, service pricing enhancements and more.

The CloudPortal ecosystem

As mentioned earlier the new Cloud Services SDK enables any cloud service to be delivered through CloudPortal. Some of the first users of the SDK are the Citrix cloud ecosystem partners who are building connectors for their own solutions. For example, Cloudian and Caringo are using the SDK to connect their solutions to CloudPortal.

“Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager delivers a solution that allows providers to rapidly deploy new services which their customers can easily select, purchase and use. Caringo is pleased to have integrated our enterprise class object storage with CloudPortal Business Manager and worked closely with Citrix to ensure organizations can provide a highly scalable and easy to manage cloud storage service with just a few clicks.”
– Mark Goros, CEO, Caringo

“The Cloudian Storage Platform is already fully integrated with Citrix CloudPlatform, enabling seamless deployment of S3-compatible cloud storage quickly and cost-effectively, as well as offering secondary storage. Now, with our upcoming integration with CloudPortal Business Manager, we are bringing IT-as-a-service and Storage-as-a-Utility one step closer to being realities.”
– Jay Desai, VP, Product Management, Cloudian

Stay tuned for more announcements from other partners who building their own connectors.

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