A while ago, I wrote about ControlUp and how it can help monitoring Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop environments in real-time. Looking at your positive comments, I decided to keep an eye on this tool.

Last month, Smart-X CTO briefed me on a new ControlUp release now available for download. After reviewing some of the new features available in ControlUp 2.0, I thought it would be a good idea to share this with our community.

For those of you managing large deployments of XenApp or XenDesktop, a central configuration allows all ControlUp users in the same organization to see the same computer tree (similar to AppCenter). A permission delegation option also enables role based administration with views and actions based on AD groups (again, similar to AppCenter).

From a Citrix admin perspective, the most exciting new features are probably the following:

  • Programs and Updates Controller – this new Controller allows you to quickly compare installed software and updates on multiple XenApp servers or XenDesktop VMs, making it easy for you to identify if a patch or software component is missing on one of your servers.

  • New Citrix data columns – This new ControlUp release adds all XenApp and XenDesktop performance counters mentioned in our Operations Guide – Monitoring Citrix Desktop and Datacenter. This includes things like “XenApp DataStore Connection Failure” or “XenApp Number of busy XML threads” for instance.

  • Stress Level customization – the Stress Level column in previous version was pretty basic. You can now customize the way each performance counter affects the overall stress level, giving you the option to adjust the mechanisms used to evaluate the health of each computer, session or process.

ControlUp is free of charge for managing up to 50 XenDesktop VMs or XenApp sessions. For more information, simply visit this web site.