So have you ever considered starting your journey into the cloud? Are you already on your way? are you just wondering what you might want to consider?

Then I’ve got the Synergy presentation for you!! You’l get the opportunity to see what makes up the architecture of a Cloud from two of today’s young bright stars in the field. Jacob Ben-David the US pre-sales engineer who literally wrote the training book on how to work CloudPlatform and CloudPortal, and Matt Mullins (yeah that’s me) part of the Worldwide Cloud Services teams that has built it and seen just about everything out there!!

This session is going to cover how to take your from dream to implementation and how to avoid many of the pitfalls that we have seen and experienced along the way. You are also going to learn how cloud architecture is also a path of analysis, planning and evolution of your cloud. There’s more to just cloud then just the technical pieces involved. join us and learn what the keys to making an architecture “stick”, versus an architecture that has to change 20 times before you get it right.

So come learn about how cloud architectures evolve from initial thoughts and ideas in the board room, to implementations out in the field. Whether it’s private, public, or hybrid clouds, you’ll get some great insight into the architecture and thought process around a cloud design from real world experts, with real world examples.

Come join us and learn some inside secrets, have a little fun and no matter what your skill level; better prepare, develop, or continue your journey on into the Clouds!!

Jacob and I look forward to seeing you at synergy!
Session:  SYN301: Architecting your cloud infrastructure