Whether you realize it, want it, or requested it, you already live in the clouds every day. It’s an interesting fact of life that often escapes us, and we don’t know much about. The reason for it is that it has existed for years. Even though “Cloud” seems like a new idea brought on by technology, it really is more about abstraction, process and service. Only recently has technology become the key driver.

First, let us talk about how clouds really work. Clouds are pretty simple to understand when it comes down to it. The simple services that we use in our daily lives are usually made up of some type of cloud. A cloud has a defined entrance or input, and a defined exit or output. After that all of the work is done behind the scenes and is completely out of our control. As long as the service meets the objectives (speed, quality, price) that you pay for, then you’re happy! The United States Postal Service, your e-mail service, even your dry cleaner service is a cloud service. You have a defined start, a defined end and a lot of work in-between that you don’t care how it gets accomplished. You just pay for it when it’s done right!

So why are IT Clouds that much different? It’s not. It requires the same detailed planning, in-depth information, and infrastructure assets to put together any successful cloud to provide a service. We of course believe at Citrix that the Apache Software Foundation’s CloudStack platform, is the glue that brings it together. It’s not just because it’s the product that we put our name on with Citrix CloudPlatform product powered by Apache CloudStack; it’s because of the success we see every day building some of the worlds largest clouds that you use, and don’t even know about. Considering I architect and install this in the field, I see it everyday!

But you might say that the clouds that you use today have a lot less to do with doing technical things, and more about business. To that fact, you’re 100% correct! IT Clouds are no different. That’s where our CloudPortal products come into play for both the public and enterprise sectors. CloudPortal Service Manager gives you the ability to cut down administration tasks and turn the simplest software administration tasks and turn them into a service. CloudPortal Business Manager becomes the business manager to the cloud, keeping track of accounting, services, products, and numerous other functions just like you see in every business and even household services you use.

It’s important to understand the power of the cloud is in the flexibility of the platform and how it supports enterprise, service providers, and organizations of every type. This isn’t just for one type of organization or another anymore. They enable and manage thousands of systems including corporate organizations, software development organizations, education institutions, and government organizations that you may already use and not even know about. Whether it’s playing games on the Internet, playing music and videos, or even getting your blood analysis done, it might just be going through Citrix cloud product. Maybe your life is already in the clouds, and it’s time for you to get your organization to join in?