Solution selling is key in enabling Citrix partners to up-level customer relationships from tactical to strategic, as shown by Gold Citrix Solution Advisor Solve System and its enterprise customer, the University of Sao Paulo (USP) in Brazil. Solve System, working closely with the Citrix Channel, has steadily increased USP’s confidence and trust in its solutions, expertise and guidance. Solve’s latest accomplishment? A huge deal to implement a private cloud solution called USP Cloud, bringing together the latest technologies from Citrix, Cisco and NetApp.

Solve began its work when the university, which enrolls 100,000 students, needed to fix system crashes during the twice-yearly registration process. After winning the business through a POC conducted with Citrix, Solve implemented Citrix NetScaler appliances to provide server load balancing and boost system reliability. Not content to remain focused on networking, its traditional area of expertise, Solve expanded into virtualization technologies. By proactively embracing new capabilities, Solve was prepared for USP’s next challenge – business interruptions. To allow administrative workers to remain productive during occasional student strikes, which can prevent them from coming to work, Solve implemented Citrix XenDesktop for delivery of virtual desktops.

By this time, USP had built up a high level of trust and confidence in the Solve team and came back to the Citrix partner for a strategic solution to two challenges: 1. consolidating numerous “mini IT” installations across multiple campuses; and 2. protecting intellectual property by consolidating valuable research data in one secure system. The US$60 million cloud project, which encompasses 480 Cisco UCS servers and 7 Pbytes of data storage from NetApp, leverages Citrix CloudPlatform and Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager.

Fabio Cardoso, co-owner and technical director of Solve System, said, “We have been a Citrix partner for 10 years, and the USP cloud is the most important project we have ever undertaken. None of this would have been possible without the support and assistance of the Citrix team.”

Note: The University of Sao Paulo will present a session on its cloud project at Citrix Synergy in Los Angeles. They were among several presenters who were selected through the Call for Topics program, a rigorous independent judging process that brings real-world case studies to the event. If you are a partner, be sure to register for Citrix Summit, which includes admission to the Synergy conference.