You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole and you can’t expect people to use a specific type of virtual desktop without considering their needs.  It’s all about finding the right balance between key business drivers (increased security, reduced management, etc.) and providing people with a virtual desktop that allows them to be successful in their job (work offline, install applications, run resource hungry applications, etc.).  Implementing technology to meet such requirements will increase costs and deployment time, so you don’t want to offer it to everyone.  The best thing to do is divide people up into different groups based on a common set of requirements.  This way, you can assign the right technology to each user group – square peg in a square hole!

Sounds complicated and time consuming, right? The good news is that Citrix Consulting have completed countless desktop transformation projects and we’ve learned the hard way how to complete them quickly and successfully.  We want to share that experience with you so that you get it right straight away.

The Ask the Architect team is working hard to create the Virtual Desktop Handbook.  A comprehensive resource (all that whitepaper and blog information in one place!) that will contain detailed information on everything from Assess to Maintain (Assess is ready right now, we’re about to release some of the design phase soon – watch this space).  The Data Collection chapter in the Assess section helps to ensure that you have all the information you need and the User Segmentation chapter provides you with detailed information on how to group your users.  The best bit? we provide you with a spreadsheet to collect the data complete with relevant filters so that you can identify your user groups.

If you’ll be attending Synergy Los Angeles in May, make sure that you check out our session on the Assess phase – [May 24 @ 9:00] SYN317.  We’ll be discussing how you can identify key business drivers, collect data, segment users, analyze applications and prioritize your user groups.  We’ll be providing a lot of real world examples and demonstrate tools that will really help to accelerate your projects.

See you at Synergy!

Andy Baker – Architect
Worldwide Consulting
Desktop & Apps Team
Virtual Desktop Handbook
Project Accelerator