Today, Citrix released the much anticipated OpenGL GPU sharing feature add-on which is available  for immediate download.  It’s exciting to see GPU acceleration technology that was accessible only to designers and engineers now extending  to millions of tier 2 power users that view and edit large 3D models and can be sufficiently supported with shared GPU at much lower cost.

Virtual delivery of high-end 3D graphics apps is not new to Citrix. Since 2009, Citrix has been committed to supporting  the most demanding 3D graphics apps by introducing deep compression techniques, advanced video and graphics codecs, and GPU passthrough. Today’s release marks another technical milestone.

Several weeks ago, Derek Thorslund, Director of HDX product management, blogged about some terrific performance feedback from customers and Citrix partners testing the OpenGL GPU sharing tech preview. I recommend you take a look at his blog to read what others are positively saying about XenApp OpenGL GPU sharing and learn more about this release

2013 will be an exciting year as we release  even more capabilities in our product line for extending 3D professional graphics apps use cases. Stay tuned.