We are excited to announce the availability of NetScaler Insight Center, a solution that brings unprecedented visibility to applications that are served by NetScaler appliances, including XenApp/XenDesktop sessions and Web applications.

NetScaler Insight Center overcomes the limitations of traditional methods and technologies to fully address the application visibility challenges facing today’s enterprises. Featuring an approach that leverages NetScaler ADCs, Insight Center combines network-based instrumentation – that is both network and application-aware – with an efficient and powerful management system capable of transforming raw data into actionable information.

For a long time now, NetScaler appliances have been leveraging AppFlow, an open standards technology that includes per flow level application and networking data. This data is often collected by third parties to deliver per-session information. Now, NetScaler Insight Center is the central point for collecting application and networking data sent by AppFlow from NetScaler appliances. The solution not only acts as a rich repository for application data, but also, is a management suite for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting application performance metrics.

NetScaler Insight Center addresses the following common user concerns faced in today’s ever-evolving mobile and cloud era:

1. Applications are increasingly in a dynamic and distributed- yet-interwoven computing environment such as mobile devices, mobile apps, hosted virtual desktops, and hybrid clouds. Gaining visibility in to applications in such a diverse environment is challenging and not a simple task.

2. Hybrid environments with public and private clouds pose their own visibility challenges due to the inability to deploy taps or agents in a public cloud environment, thereby constraining organizations.

3. Most enterprises are stuck in a situation characterized by fruitless finger-pointing, persistent performance issues, and the inability to reliably deliver a truly exceptional user experience. This is due to the lack of simple, effective tools that help troubleshoot or point out user issues in an timely manner.

Traditionally available solutions that offer visibility in to networking and applications sometimes miss the mark and may only provide visibility in to the network or the app. The requirement is to offer a solution that can easily correlate networking and app data to help improve the user experience. Such solutions are typically cumbersome to configure with multiple touch points and deter IT organizations from adopting them due to their complexity.

NetScaler Insight Center is both powerful and simple – A solution that leverages strategically placed NetScaler appliances and open standards AppFlow technology to consolidate and correlate both networking and application data in to simple and easy to manage information. This information can then be used to gain valuable insight into users, applications, and the network for troubleshooting and capacity planning. This eliminates the need for network taps, agents, and monitoring points throughout the network.

IT administrators can quickly and easily obtain answers to countless operational and strategic questions leveraging the rich underlying data combined with extremely flexible data presentation capabilities, particularly for web and XenApp/XenDesktop applications.  For example:

  • If a user is experiencing delays in accessing a particular application, but the client and server round trip times are acceptable, this would imply a problem with the associated application server;
  • A user complaint of a bad VoIP session may indicate high jitter between the client device and corresponding NetScaler appliance and would imply a problem with the client-side network; and,
  • A group of users that experience poor performance and high round trip times between NetScaler and the corresponding servers would suggest a congestion problem with the intervening switches.

Featuring HDX Insight for XenApp and XenDesktop traffic and Web Insight for web traffic, NetScaler Insight Center brings powerful correlation capabilities and a complete simple solution from Citrix to address today’s complex application visibility challenges.