The recent movement in mobility and virtualization has made it difficult for IT to instrument their network and technology infrastructure. Citrix customers  delivering virtual applications (XenApp) and desktops (XenDesktop) to their mobile users have faced similar challenge. Administrators had never been able to gain deep packet level visibility into ICA.

HDX Insight will change this!

HDX Insight is powerful tool that provided end-to-end user experience visibility for Citrix (ICA) deployments. First time in the history, a Citrix appliance ( NetScaler) will be able to parse, decrypt, decompress, and decompose ICA packets/traffic – down to the level of individual virtual channels – to provide in-depth visibility into the ICA protocol.

By leveraging HDX Insight, administrators can gather information on user at a branch office experiencing issues while accessing a particular published app, users exceeding the threshold for “good experience” latency, number of concurrent users coming in via a particular NetScaler Access Gateway,  faulty network segment and many more. Following are just a small sample of the types of questions that can readily be answered by leveraging HDX Insight:

– For a given XenDesktop user, what is the average client   and server-side latency and jitter they are experiencing?

– Which XenDesktop/XenApp users are consuming the most bandwidth over a given time period (e.g., daily, weekly, or monthly)?

– Which virtual channels are consuming the most bandwidth over a given time period?

– What are the top applications across all XenApp users, by up-time and total number of launches over a given time period?

In summary, HDX Insight will allow administrators to deliver a compelling user experience by analyzing HDX Insight(ICA visibility) data and performing business intelligence, failure analysis and capacity planning based on the HDX Insight analytics and reports.

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UPDATE (04/03/2013): We have added some exciting sessions [and Hands on Learning Lab] on NetScaler Insight Center and HDX Insight at Citrix Synergy Event – Los Angeles. Please check out this relevant blog.

UPDATE (06/20/2013): As some of you may have noticed, we have recently announced the ESX support for Insight Center! You should be able to download the ESX version from the ‘components’ page. As always – if you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out…