Here at Citrix we believe that users can be productive wherever they are and with whatever device is at hand. Inevitably, enterprise productivity involves reviewing, editing or commenting on documents that are shared with others.

When the device at hand is an iPhone or iPad, document collaboration triggers a classic trade-off between security and usability: opening and editing documents locally on the device offers the best user experience, but IT security controls may dictate that documents not be stored on mobile devices. IT can try to prevent data from getting onto those devices, but as the New York Times recently reported, when IT tries to keep company data off user devices, users will turn to Shadow IT for the tools that keep them productive.

Using ShareFile, you can change the equation: enable local document editing on employee phones and tablets, but keep the documents securely contained within the enterprise-approved app, complete with authentication and data retention policies. Now the trade-off between mobile user productivity and corporate data security is a false choice.

Announcing Mobile Document Editing from within ShareFile

Within the latest ShareFile apps for iPhone and iPad, users can now:

  • Create, open, edit and save changes to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Add comments and review comments from others
  • Track changes: Approve or reject changes from others
  • Annotate PDF files by overlaying text, shapes, arrows and free-form drawings
  • Synchronize selected folders to their device for offline viewing and editing

Security Controls

ShareFile offers a rich set of security controls for keeping data secure even as you empower users with mobile and offline editing capabilities. ShareFile administrators can:

  • Set a data expiration policy, so that downloaded documents are automatically deleted after a configurable amount of time
  • Require users to be online for access to documents (i.e. disable document sync)
  • Require users to authenticate each time the app is opened
  • Lock the ShareFile app on a device with a separate PIN or password
  • Wipe all locally stored content within the ShareFile app (without affecting other apps on the device)
  • Disable “open-in” capabilities to prevent users from opening downloaded documents with apps other than ShareFile
  • Disable the ShareFile app on jailbroken devices
These controls are included as part of ShareFile; even more types of controls are available using the Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle. So instead of imposing draconian security controls that limit user productivity, empower your users with tools that match or exceed the benefits of less secure consumer-oriented apps and tools.

Availability of document editing

Microsoft Office document editing and PDF file annotation are available now using the ShareFile app for iPhone or iPad. The document editing features are available by request to customers with a ShareFile Enterprise plan.