Working from anywhere is something many of us take for granted – reviewing a presentation or approving an expense report from the sideline of our kids’ soccer games is not something we think twice about.  But in some areas like design, where heavy horsepower is needed to run the software, such work-life harmony has not been as straightforward.

Until now….  Advances in graphics processing and desktop virtualization are now making it possible for anyone in the design lifecycle to access designs from any device while getting the performance of a local PC or workstation.  This creates a watershed moment for design – enterprises can now leverage globalization and improve time-to-market by securely collaborating and managing design lifecycles with offshore, mobile and remote workers without imposing any special requirements on the end-users.  Valuable IP is protected, and users are more productive.  We have customers across industries from manufacturing to oil and gas, engineering and healthcare that are adopting desktop virtualization to revolutionize design.

In addition to enabling designers to work from anywhere, this technology expands the user base for design software by making the technology affordable and accessible beyond the professional designers to the broad market of casual users.

With this in mind, Citrix is working with NVIDIA to optimize both XenDesktop and XenApp, using the newly released NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 processors.  XenDesktop and XenApp with HDX 3DPro technology is optimized for scalability, performance and efficiency by leveraging the new NVIDIA capabilities.  Derek Thorslund’s blog outlines more details on how we support NVIDIA GRID.  Our customers have also responded enthusiastically to the technology preview of XenApp with OpenGL GPU sharing, which delivers price/performance and cost efficiencies for the less demanding users, those who aren’t core designers but who still need access to edit and approve designs.  Click here for links to download the new OpenGL feature.

To meet the growing demand for verified applications, we are working with NVIDIA around its newly-launched verification program and testing center. We are establishing  an NVIDIA-Citrix Ready verification program, which offers fast-track validation to OEMs and ISVs on GRID K1 and K2 cards with Citrix desktop virtualization solutions

We look forward to making mobility a reality for designers everywhere.