Citrix HDX 3DThere were some announcements today on Citrix and NVidia partnering and how we are delivering 3D from the cloud using GPU Sharing. If you think about Desktop Virtualization, nothing could be more important than the Desktop experience.  If you consolidate all of your Desktops into a XenDesktop environment, the best way to provide a great Desktop experience is to offer GPU sharing of NVidia graphics cards.  Therefore, Citrix and NVidia have partnered to accelerate the growth of the Virtual Desktop marketplace.  In addition to program level synergies between the two companies, NVidia and Citrix have developed joint test criteria to streamline the efforts of partners integrating with NVidia and Citrix.  Basically, if a partner has passed certification testing in the NVidia labs based on joint NVidia / Citrix test criteria, the partner is eligible for entry not only in the NVidia partner program, but also in the Citrix Ready partner program, without any further integration effort required.  A partner can be added to both partner programs by doing their integration validation one time.  If interested, contact NVidia or Citrix Ready about this joint program and the test criteria required in the joint test plan.

Without going into too much detail on the test criteria, the joint test criteria is aimed at making sure the end-user will have an amazing customer experience when using the partner product with NVidia & Citrix products.  The joint testing criteria covers topics such as NVidia NvMOS, drivers, control panel, ACPI lifecycle, Direct3D and OpenGL performance, GPU pass-through, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) testing and Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) testing.

The Keynote at GTC was actually very impressive.  The CEO and Co-Founder talked about 50 gigapixel cameras, 40 Million CUDA processors doing 10 PetaFlops per second, Faceworks, Oceanworks.  Did you know that GPU processing recently discovered that the human genome is 2 meters long and DOESN’T TANGLE!  GPU processing is used in Alzheimers research, High energy physics and Big Data.  Did you know that there are 500 Million tweets per day compared against 11 Million keywords in real-time using GPU’s.  Did you know that Shazam fingerprints songs from 300 Million users, adding 2 Million a week – doing 10 Million queries a day against 70 Million songs, thats insane, and btw Shazam is hiring.  There was talk of Dynamic parallelism, Unified Virtual Memory – all memory available to all processors, stacked memory – 1 terabytes per second of bandwidth which equates to 1 Blue-Ray DVD transfer in 1/50th of a second. In 2012 there were 2.5 Billion HD Displays sold, in 2016 that will double.  Why is all of this important? Because we are now in the age of BYOD – we don’t sit in our offices anymore, so we need Virtual GPU’s so that engineers can sit anywhere.  We need a CloudGPU – This is where Citrix comes into play.  We’ve been doing it for years, and now we are making in mainstream.

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