How time flies when one is having fun! When we first drafted this Synergy session it was just about NetScaler security details in next-gen datacenters. And, now we are excited that we can expand far beyond the datacenter to also include a Citrix solution that provides security for enterprise mobility. Especially with all the growth in mobile and scalability needs for business critical apps, the need for adaptable and stronger datacenter security has never been greater. Today’s workforce has moved beyond the constraints of traditional IT and security by bringing their own devices, using their own networks, purchasing their own apps and working from anywhere they would like to work. Traditional challenges and concerns such as extensive regulatory requirements, the rise of targeted attacks and the continuing erosion of perimeter-centric security models are now being joined by the need to account for highly dynamic enterprise cloud architectures and flat networks with fewer bottlenecks. Add the ever-present budgetary pressures to do more with less and it becomes clear that the foundation for stronger security must be built using existing datacenter infrastructure. Citrix NetScaler, used today for building enterprise cloud networks, definitely provides the scalability and robust solution that customers need for a strong datacenter. NetScaler helps networks and datacenter designs and takes into account consumerization, mobility and cloud.

Come join us as we discuss building scalable and secured next-gen datacenters. We will also address how to architect a stronger and more secure datacenter and how this fits in the Citrix XenMobile MDM solution.

I will also have a guest speaker that has a different security architecture view point in the mobility space that may interest you as well. So, join us in this SYN 316 session!