“Synchronized User Profiles between Hosted & Local Virtual Desktops”

Living the Citrix Dream – Enabling Mobile Workstyles

As a part of today’s highly mobile workforce, laptop users will often want to use both a local virtual desktop, which can be accessed offline, as well as a hosted virtual desktop for remote access from anywhere at any time.  This mix of hosted and local desktops highlights the need to synchronize and manage a user’s profile settings. Users have personalized settings (e.g., Outlook signatures, location of taskbar, ribbon position in Microsoft Word to name a few) that they want to be consistent across desktops.

Citrix XenDesktop enables secure and reliable mobile workstyles through both hosted and local virtual desktops, with local virtual desktops being powered by XenClient.  Local virtual desktops are ideal for disconnected operation on laptops, limited connectivity environments (such as branch offices), and other use cases where use of local execution is desired and centralized management is required.

Citrix Profile Management, a feature of XenDesktop, synchronizes a user’s personalized settings across the hosted desktop and XenClient local desktop environment, providing a consistent experience and improving productivity. The TechNote “How to Configure Citrix Profile Management in Citrix XenClient” provides the steps required to make XenClient work with Profile Management.

Since both Citrix Profile Management and XenClient Enterprise are included as a part of XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum, there’s no additional charge. This means an employee can use both a hosted desktop for anytime access (e.g., from a home PC) along with a local desktop running on a XenClient powered laptop using a single XenDesktop Enterprise or Platinum license!

While Citrix Profile Management enables follow-me profile, Citrix ShareFile allows for follow-me-data across the virtual desktops. Stay tuned to this blog series for further information about ShareFile.

This is the first installment of a 5-part series on how Citrix XenClient—the local VM option of XenDesktop and its FlexCast delivery technology – works with other Citrix products. Our next installment in this series will cover how XenApp with XenClient gives follow-me app access across any device.

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