Citrix is pleased to announce the new WAN-optimization appliances: CloudBridge 2000 and CloudBridge 3000. These appliances come loaded with our WAN-optimization and XenDesktop acceleration technologies including rich protocol optimization, advanced TCP flow-control, adaptive compression and smart acceleration.

This blog highlights some of key features of these appliances.

Un-matched Scalability: A pay-grow offering that is unique in the WAN-optimization industry

Using the pay-grow offering, CloudBridge 2000 can be scaled from a throughput of 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps and further to 50 Mbps with just a license upgrade. Similarly CloudBridge 3000 can be scaled from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps and further to 155 Mbps. This avoids the cost, time and logistics overhead associated with a forklift replacement. So if you have small office and expect to grow in future then these appliances are ideal for you.

Built-in reliability

CB 2000 and CB 3000 models come prepackaged with Network bypass cards for the traffic interfaces. This ensures that the traffic to your network is never interrupted, even in case of power failure to the appliance.

Also with these models do not contain any rotating disks. Instead they use SSDs as storage resulting in enhanced disk-access speed and getting rid of reliability issues of HDDs.

Extensible architecture

The architecture of CB 2000 and CB 3000 appliances allows for sufficient headroom to run additional application workloads. Watch out for our future firmware releases and announcements as we populate the list of supported workloads on these appliances.

Complement CloudBridge product line to meet whole spectrum of enterprise needs

Enterprises prefer to look for solutions for their entire network rather than piecemeal product deployments. The CB 2000 and CB 3000 appliances cater to branch offices and regional datacenters but one may ask what about WAN connection to the Amazon cloud footprint that the enterprise uses? or how to accelerate connection to the roaming salesman in the enterprise?

The new hardware platforms complement our wide product line which includes throughputs varying all the way from 1 Mbps to 2 Gbps, availability as an Amazon Machine Image, virtual appliances for all three leading hypervisors (Xenserver, ESX and Hyper-V) and PC client plug-in for the roaming employees.

These applainces are also perfect for acceleration of storage replication and Sharefile in the enterprises.


Based on the specifications we recommend CloudBridge 2000 for branch offices and small data-centers and CloudBridge 3000 for datacenters and regional headquarters.

For further details into technical and performance specifications of our CB 2000 and CB 3000 appliances please refer to the latest CloudBridge specifications sheet.

Also refer to our documentation site for hardware configuration guide of CloudBridge 2000 and 3000.