Reality – from EMA analyst report, EMA Radar for Private Cloud Platforms
“With 150 paying cloud customers in 2012, many of which are managing tens of thousands of physical hosts, Citrix is a strong competitor in the cloud marketplace. The scale and business criticality of Citrix CloudPlatform-driven solutions, such as Zynga’s cloud, is evidence of the maturity of the Citrix cloud portfolio.”

An interesting effect of working in an emerging technology space is that technologies and vendors tend to get overhyped as media and analysts pick their horse in the race.  Press releases, roadmaps and past performance tend to overshadow realities. This has clearly been happening in the cloud management space with emerging vendors, acquisitions, alliances and product releases happening on a weekly basis.  That’s why the recent analyst report from EMA – EMA Radar for Private Cloud Platforms – is so refreshing.

EMA analyst Torsten Volk compiles a very detailed vendor analysis by actually reviewing products and demos as well as interviewing live customers to cut through the hype and provide some much needed reality in the cloud management space.  Through product deep dives and customer conversations, Volk scores vendor solutions on five criteria –

Architecture & Integration
Deployment & Administration
Vendor Strength
Cost Advantage

I am happy to report that Citrix CloudPlatform ranked highest in 4 out of 5 categories and was recognized as the Value Leader and Most Scalable solution.

Some key criteria leading to this ranking were CloudPlatforms unique ability to efficiently manage traditional enterprise workloads as well as modern distributed applications…
“This flexibility to manage both traditional and distributed workloads allows customers to gradually transition to the cloud, without leaving numerous essential legacy systems behind to be managed separately.”
Additionally, the sheer number and scale of customer deployments was a particular strength noted above other cloud management solutions…
“EMA interviewed multiple corporate end customers, with massive CloudPlatform deployments of tens of thousands of hosts, across multiple datacenters. These deployment sizes are evidence of the impressive scalability of the Citrix product.”

Both of which led to assessment of Citrix as a leader in private cloud management.

If you are ready to build your private cloud we encourage you to…
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