Readdle develops iPhone applications and provides iOS users with high quality applications missing in a standard application set.

The company expands upon the iOS platform by releasing new products for Apple iPhone users and opening potential to a growing Apple iPad audience.

They strive to enrich business potential of the iPad and iPhone, providing essential functionality customer expect to see. Readdle is determined to deliver innovative and time intuitive services.

Their profile includes a vast scope of applications, such as PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, Printer Pro, Calendars, Documents, PDF Converter, etc. These applications have been numerously stated on the AppStore by various tech editions such as TUAW, MacWorld, TiPb, etc.

Product Name: PDF Expert Enterprise

Unique Feature(s):

  • Read & Annotate documents: Highlight text, insert text and handwritten notes, add annotations into PDF documents.
  • Fill in PDF forms: Inspection reports, realtor and medical forms, insurance agreements, etc. can be handled by PDF Expert Enterprise.
  • Sign contracts on the go: With PDF Expert Enterprise it is easy to sign contracts with the customers right on the iPad.
  • Sync with cloud storages: PDF Expert Enterprise can be synced with a corporate Dropbox / Box account, or an enterprise WebDAV or FTP/SFTP server.

Value Propostion:

With Readdle’s PDF Expert Enterprise the employees are always equipped with up-to-date packages of documents on the iPads. The service offers a reliable and manageable solution for completing reports and signing agreements with customers, as well as for reviewing and annotating documents in preparation to meetings.

With PDF Expert Enterprise company receives total control of document workflow on the iPad, providing employees with up-to-date sets of files and instantly getting them back to the office. With enhanced security, documents are effectively locked inside the application, which is essential for sensitive data.

For legally binding contract execution PDF Expert Enterprise offers a reliable digital signature solution sealing documents against further modification and fraud.

Technical Contact(s): Darya Leshchenko,

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