EuroSmartz was founded by two brothers from New Zealand in 1994 and has excelled at developing software products across multiple platforms and operating systems.

EuroSmartz is specialized in the functionality of printing photos, contacts, web pages and more to the iPhone when it released “Print” in late December 2008.

EuroSmartz provides business apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. EuroSmartz’ app “Print n Share” was selected by Apple to be featured in the “Office” iPhone TV commercial which aired throughout 2009. In 2010 EuroSmartz’ app “PrintCentral” was featured as “App of the Week” in the UK and European iTunes App Stores.

Product Name: PrintCentral

Unique Feature(s):


  • Print to all printers inclusive of Network, WiFi, USB* or Bluetooth* via computer or straight to WiFi printers without the need for extra software
  • Use the ‘Open in…’ function to enable opening of documents from other Apps
  • Easily print from Pages, Numbers or Keynote
  • Convert various file formats such as documents, webpages and spreadsheets to PDF if desired (In-App Upgrade)
  • Print to AirPrint, 3G, 4G or Cloud

Document Reader and Storage

  • Utilize the storage system available in PrintCentral, view and print various files inclusive of large size PDFs, iWork and Office files to name but a few
  • Zip or unzip files for viewing and printing

Fully featured Email

  • Use the sophisticated but easy to use email within PrintCentral
  • Organize and access many email accounts on the go
  • Select the email field function to search across all email accounts using specific keywords
  • Print and save various email and add attachments
  • Create and insert multiple email signatures complete with formatted text

Cloud Transfer and WiFi Hard Drive

  • Select the iPhone or iPod Touch as an additional hard drive for PC or Mac
  • Move or print documents from the iPod Touch or iPhone via the Cloud
  • Access iCloud, Dropbox, CloudMe,, GoogleDocs or WebDAV

Copy and Paste (Printing and Transfer)

  • Retain formatting when copying and printing email and web pages
  • Use Bluetooth or WiFi to share files via another person’s iPhone or iPod Touch in PrintCentral
  • Select WiFi to copy and transfer to a computer (PC or Mac)                                                       

Value Propostion:

PrintCentral is a business app for file storage, PDFs, documents, printing and emailing. With its own convenient and portable printing office, the opportunities are endless.

PrintCentral opens opportunities. Not only is it a document reader but also provides additional file storage within the app for large size PDFs and numerous other file formats such as iWork. Select the ‘Open in…’ option in PrintCentral to convert other files and easily zip/unzip files for printing or reading at leisure. It can also browse and print web pages to any printer or print a list of contacts if needed.

The advanced email features allow it to fully exert control over multiple email accounts and view single or group emails at a glance and create numerous customized email signatures inclusive of formatted text and images. PrintCentral is also inclusive of a full email search utility, which is quick and easy to use.

It can copy and print from email, webpage or SMS/Text messages without losing the original formatting. Transfer and copy to other iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch via Bluetooth or WiFi, or use the latter to copy and transfer documents to Mac or PC, all with ease.

Technical Contact(s): Ian Schenkel,

Link(s) to availability:

Link to PrintCentral web page

Link to PrintCentral on the App Store



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