Social media is an important platform that is being recognized by global companies in their pursuit to build up their brand name.  Social media is connecting the world population across the globe and it one of the few technology mediums that is working towards accomplishing this goal. No other news or advertising network has this type of reach and social media is proving to be a very powerful platform that is still maturing it’s capabilities. As more users sign up for services with social networks then businesses have more opportunities to market their products to these users. Social media is proving to be the platform to get your message across to the users and with the hope that eventually the world population will all be connected over the internet.

Why is this important for Citrix NetScaler?  For starters, Citrix NetScaler is a household name in the data center  and helps organizations build enterprise cloud networks that embody the characteristics and capabilities that define public cloud services, such as elasticity, expandability and simplicity. NetScaler brings to enterprise IT leaders multiple advanced technologies that were previously available only to large public cloud providers.  Okay, just provided you with a quick overview on NetScaler (that was for you- Al & Klaus), but more importantly Citrix has over 230,000 customers globally and with roughly 8,000 employees – it does make it hard to touch everyone on a daily basis with phone calls, emails and other communication vehicles.  More and more people are turning to social media i.e.; facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… to communicate and receive news from their loved ones, friends, company and products they use on a daily basis.

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