Partners, are you running your own live or virtual events today? What is your strategy? How are you planning, executing, managing, and promoting your Seminar or Webinar? Are you doing all of the above? And, if not, WHY?

With Citrix Marketing Concierge, you CAN, and, at no cost to you as a Citrix partner. While the zero cost may seem like the best part, it’s not! Citrix Marketing Concierge not only offers you co-branded materials to support your event, it offers you a step-by-step plan that drives email execution, manages and hosts times, date, venue, and registrations, from beginning to end.

  • Do you want to send a reminder to your registrants to make sure they attend? Citrix Marketing Concierge has reminders built into the set up process that allows you to set a reminder the day before or the hour before.
  • Do you want to ensure your registrants have directions to the venue, or the correct dial in information for the webinar? Directions and maps are built in to the platform and registration page so your partners know where they are going, when.
  • Do you want to promote your event or events through social media from within the platform? Citrix Marketing Concierge allows you to promote your event directly from the platform on social media sites such as , Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  • NEW! Do you want to promote all of your active seminar and webinars at the same time? You can do this! Citrix Marketing Concierge has just added a URL, specific to you. The live URL is hosted within the platform and drives to a unique web page with all of your partner driven events and is co-branded with your logo. Your customers can register for one event, or all of them, at the same time!
  • Do you want to send a follow up email to your customers after the event? Citrix Marketing Concierge can do this, too. By adding your list of event attendees to your email blast, you can thank your customers for coming, or invite them to a follow up event.

The bottom line – whether you are conducting a live or virtual event, Citrix Marketing Concierge has an Event Center with all of the tools to ensure your event success! Check it out today! For more updates follow me on twitter @ctxmkgconcierge