Citrix Receiver is the coolest way to access your enterprise applications. Not only does it give you a great end user experience, but also the experience is native for all the popular platforms that exist today. Citrix Receiver is available for your iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows, Mac, Linux platforms (and more).  And for the devices that do not have a native receiver, we have the Receiver for Web – the HTML version of Citrix Receiver.

Access Gateway is the best secure remote access for your Citrix deployments. It is the easiest device to set up, and ensures maximum security for your enterprise networks. It comes built with great value adds like End Point Analysis, Smart Access, Secure Ticketing Authority support, … to ensure that it meets the stringent security requirements, at the same time, helps provide a smooth and secure end user experience.

Citrix Receiver and Access Gateway have been built ground-up, to work together, and provide the most seamless experience. To elaborate on this, consider the following aspects of this integration:

  • Citrix Receivers have in built capability to authenticate and secure all virtual windows applications and desktops, via Access Gateway. Unlike a typical VPN setup, you don’t need a separate VPN client for this – Receiver does this on its own.
  • Citrix Receiver uses beacons to identify whether the device is inside or outside the enterprise network. When outside, it seamlessly authenticated with Access Gateway, without any user intervention.
  • On mobile platforms, in a CloudGateway / XenMobile deployment, Citrix Receivers use MDX technology, in collaboration with Access Gateway, to provide seamless access to enterprise Web and SaaS resources, along with native mobile access to any enterprise server.
  • MDX technology, in collaboration with Access Gateway, provides application level Micro Tunnels, and seamlessly tunnels all enterprise data to the corporate network.
  • In an environment, where users need full VPN connectivity to Access Gateway (as opposed to ICAProxy only), Desktop Receivers (Windows and Mac) seamlessly connect to Access Gateway and initiate a full SSL tunnel via the Access Gateway client. From an end user perspective, there is no AG client. Receiver handles this internally. This is significantly different from any other VPN solution, where the end user would have to first launch the VPN client, connect to the VPN, become part of the internal network and then launch Receiver to connect to WebInterface / Storefront.
  • Access Gateway provides Single Sign On for all receivers to WebInterface / Storefront / AppController. This means that once an end user logs into Citrix Receiver, he has a seamless launch of his favorite virtual desktop or login into the internal corporate website. There are no separate logins for VPN client or Citrix backend.
  • Access Gateway provides Smooth Roaming of sessions across devices. Lets say a user is logged into his Receiver on home desktop and is accessing his virtual Win 8 desktop running in the corporate LAN. Then he decides to get out and wants to continue working while he travels to work, he can login into his Receiver on the iPad and his entire session (on XenDesktop and on Access Gateway) is moved to his new iPad Receiver.
  • Access Gateway supports Auto Discovery for Citrix Receivers, using which end users can configure Receivers with an Email address. It is just like setting up Outlook, where end users give their email addresses, and Receiver automatically figures out the right Access Gateway to talk to (if outside), and together they configure the end point.

On Desktops:

On Mobile: