I’m going to make this real easy and simple. As they often say “A picture is worth a thousand words”

If you’re a XenDesktop or XenApp customer this is what your environment probably looks like.

Now this is what you need to enable BYOD and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) and add that MAM, MDM, MCM (Data) and overall EMM functionality you’re looking for.

This is what your environment looks like after you enable BYOD.

Didn’t get that? OK. Here is what BYOD looks like with multiple vendors.

Now, here is what BYOD looks like with Citrix.

Got it? If not learn how XenMobile Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive solution for managing apps, data and devices.

Also be sure to check out our 4-Part Technical Webinar Series on BYOD to learn how to Assess, Design, Deploy and Support BYOD.

Any questions?

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