Innovation lives at the fringes of current practice. Sometimes it comes about through shuffling existing capabilities in new ways. Often it addresses newly emerging challenges.

Late last year we made an investment in a cool new startup by the name of Armor5, just now out of stealth. They happened to have offices just up the road from our Accelerator (on Lawrence expressway), so it was very easy for the whole team to relocate and they’ve been quietly operating out of the Citrix Startup Accelerator offices since late last year. On an aside, it’s an absolute pleasure working with these guys day to day, and indeed with the growing crew of amazing companies that are based out of the accelerator. (More on that in another post). Now we’re able to put up their logo, and share some of our thoughts about them.

Armor5 is a great example of applying the stack in a new way, shuffling the deck, if you like, to bring new thinking to the challenges of BYOD, and data leakage prevention. They take the cards for ‘virtual machine’, existing VPN, cloud service, every-device HTML 5 capability, and friction free computing, and arrange them into a new hand – one that brings a new combination of capability, security and ease of implementation to the game.

This is a very complementary to industry leading Citrix solutions for BYOD, Executive Mobility, Workshifting, and Security and Compliance, so I’m looking  forward to Armor5 maturing into a valued Citrix partner.

Citrix Startup Accelerator is a Corporate Accelerator, investing in early stage software infrastructure & collaboration startups. We look for companies solving emerging problems, with clear early demand for their solution. As William Gibson so memorably put it:

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”