It’s no secret that the server virtualization market is heating up again as cloud computing delivers new value to the enterprise and SP datacenter.  Going forward, virtualizing apps and workloads is less about consolidation and more about providing the foundation for new levels of IT automation being embraced by innovators with a focus on enabling IT as-a-Service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS…xaaS).

Citrix is once again  proud to be recognized as a Champion and Value leader by Info-Tech in the Server Virtualization Vendor Landscape.  This year’s recognition of Citrix XenServer goes beyond just product recognition for the strong engineering effort and feature delivery made available in the 2012 XenServer 6.1 release  but also picks up on the Citrix strategy of connecting the XenServer-based virtual datacenter with the XenServer-based cloud.

“Citrix’s focus on Cloud is unparalleled by other vendors. As a result, Citrix has become the go-to vendor when looking at cloud-ready solutions.”

I know I take every chance I get to remind people of this but…XenServer is arguably (I’m too busy to do the math) the most popular virtualization platform in the cloud, providing the platform for Citrix CloudPlatform customers, the majority of CloudStack deployments and the world’s largest OpenStack based clouds.  Additionally, open source Xen and XCP dominate the public cloud space as the foundation for Amazon and others.

If you are looking for an alternative to VMware that delivers the features you need, the value you deserve and a clear path to private or public cloud, XenServer is the Champion you’ve been looking for.

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