Hello! Jamie Barnett here, reformed investment banker. I left the business several years ago but still remember what it’s like to be constantly on-the-go. Traveling light was critical. I remember boarding the Sunday redeye to New York wearing that week’s suit with two extra shirts and my toothbrush tucked into my laptop bag, my other carry-on a bound box of printed M&A pitch-books. I couldn’t check bags because I couldn’t afford to wait for them at baggage claim, much less have them delayed. Those were the bad ol’ days before smartphones and tablets! I had an early quasi-smartphone – a brick equipped with an early version of WAP that I couldn’t do much with – and a godawful laptop that weighed about a thousand pounds, not including the extra battery I lugged around just in case.

I don’t pine for those days!

Had I only known what device manufacturers were hatching around the world…like what Samsung’s done with its Knox project. I have to say I’ve become enamored with Samsung of late. When they came out with SAFE last year, I was thrilled with the API set and couldn’t wait to play around with the many app and access controls. Now Samsung has built off of its mobile leadership with Knox, a whole initiative around secure remote access for its mobile devices. Here is my life re-imagined as a result of Samsung’s Knox combined with Citrix XenMobileTM, and all the cool mobile-ness it enables for me!

I board the 4pm plane headed for JFK, eschewing the redeye. Why? Because I saved all that time printing M&A pitch-books. The pitch – that I’ll be giving to a new potential client – is tucked securely away in my corporate filesystem, a super-cool feature enabled by Knox. It’s ready to be shared in presentation format from my new Samsung tablet – a device that I own – when I arrive on the scene tomorrow morning. Of course, I now can pack adequate clothes for the week in my carry-on, plus an extra pair of super-cute shoes…and travel in a comfy sweatsuit.

My flight is productive, of course, because I can make final changes to the presentations I need to give, plus work on my pro-forma models for two other deals I’m working on. Those spreadsheets have been automatically synchronized to a secure container on my tablet using Samsung Knox and I can access them securely even when I’m off-line.

When I get to my office in downtown Manhattan, I can easily get onto Wi-Fi because I’ve been provisioned access as part of the device pre-configuration process with XenMobile. It’s easy and I don’t have to remember a password (and thank goodness, because my brain is already full enough with stuff to remember!). Of course, I can get secure access to my email from anywhere, thanks to Knox. In fact, when I accidentally fat finger an email with a sensitive attachment, Knox prevents me from forwarding the M&A doc outside the company. And of course, I can easily and quickly log into my organization’s web-based doc repository from my device, enabled by Citrix @WorkWeb, and made even more awesome by Citrix NetScaler®. I don’t have to launch a VPN on my device (thank goodness, because that’s no fun) because I’m enabled by cool Citrix Micro VPN technology. One app, one app-specific VPN, hooray!

When it comes time for me to give my pitch to the potential M&A client, I can easily bring up the latest because Knox allows me to access my filesystem securely. Hooray! I do a fabulous job, of course, because I’m able to include some late-breaking industry news at the last minute that makes my presentation all the more real-time (and makes me look better than those other i-banker saps who are also pitching the client). Of course, I can also bring up other useful docs for the client from my splendid data sharing app, Citrix ShareFile™, which makes all the research I’ve collected available at my fingertips. I’m able to share some cool research pieces with my client with just a few clicks.

After learning that the client chooses my i-bank thanks to my slick presentation, I learn that I get a nice promotion (in no small part to the fact that I’m super efficient while also protecting my company’s and clients’ sensitive data!). Because my new management responsibilities require that I get access to a new set of apps, the change in Microsoft Active Directory automatically kick off a device configuration update in XenMobile, pushing those new apps to me automatically over-the-air. Voila, I haven’t even stood up from my desk and I’m already enabled with a new set of mobile apps!

But alas, despite the new client win and the cool promotion, I decide that the banker life isn’t for me. I decide to leave the bank and actually get more than four hours of sleep a night! And I take my tablet with me because, after all, it IS mine. The bank is fine with that because they can pull back their data – all those great pitch ideas and M&A spreadsheets – using XenMobile and accessing all those great Knox APIs. The bank can keep its ideas and clients’ sensitive data safe and secure, and let me move on to greener pastures. Nice!