2013 is all about mobility for the public sector.  We are in the midst of a powerful convergence of necessity – the need for public sector organizations to do more with less – and a growing consumer demand for (and some would say dependence on) anytime-anywhere connectivity.  These factors, along with Federal and state and local policy directives and toolkits, are helping to put wind behind the sails of the mobile movement.

And, while the public sector recognizes and has set its sights on realizing the vast benefits wide-scale mobility offers agencies – cost savings, improved productivity, greater competitive edge in recruitment and retention of the best and brightest, and enhanced COOP strategies, to name a few – challenges remain.  Federal agencies and state and local governments continue to grapple daily with familiar, yet formidable, issues – securing data, authentication, and managing devices, apps, and network access to cite a few.

To date, we’ve seen two approaches to solving these challenges:

  • Securing and managing all participating devices, apps, and data with a complex array of point solutions, leading to management headaches and security silos
  • Requiring employees to use different devices for different activities, leading to user frustration

Agencies, realizing that these options do not add up to a sustainable solution, seek new approaches. Increasingly analysts and IT professionals alike are citing the need for an enterprise approach to mobility management that protects underlying applications and confidential data regardless of device ownership, while enabling access to existing web- and Windows-based applications from any device.

Citrix is on the forefront of this movement – known as enterprise mobility management (EMM).  Today we are excited to introduce the industry’s first end-to-end EMM solution – Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle with XenMobile.

The solution enables IT to manage and secure devices, apps, and data – while empowering users with the freedom to experience work and life their way.  It is a revolutionary new way for the public sector to mobilize the government workforce and realize a new age of business.

The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle with XenMobile has six key capabilities that the public sector needs to manage and secure enterprise mobility:

  • Enterprise-class MDM.  With the proliferation of personal devices in the public sector workplace, IT needs role-based management, configuration, and security of government and employee-owned devices to support device choice and associated security compliance.
  • Mail, docs, browser.  IT must provide users secure mail, doc, and browser apps that deliver a rich user experience anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobile app containers.  With the increase in mobile apps, IT requires management, security, and control over native mobile applications and their associated data.
  • Unified app store.  To be productive, mobile users need a single place to access all of their mobile, Web, SaaS, and Windows apps instantly and across multiple devices.
  • Federated identity and single sign on.  With the enormous number of apps that an agency manages, IT needs a central identity store to provision and de-provision apps based on user identity while providing users single sign on so they aren’t logging into apps individually.
  • Scenario-based access controls.  The job of IT is to employ granular security controls to support enforcement of security policies and standards to ensure users have appropriate levels of access to apps and data.

The Citrix Mobile Solutions Bundle with XenMobile is the first-of-its-kind comprehensive mobility solution designed to give users the flexibility they need combined with the control IT needs.  And it joins our other market-leading solutions such as NetScaler, XenDesktop, GoToMeeting, ShareFile, and Podio, enabling us to provide the public sector with a single source for mobility solutions.  Last year we added key capabilities in the mobile app and data management arena and this year, we are energized at the opportunity to further partner with and serve the public sector community with this innovative new solution.  For more information about Citrix Mobile Solution Bundle with XenMobile, check out this website, or drop me a line.

Tom Simmons, Area Vice President of Public Sector for Citrix Systems is available at tom.simmons@citrix.com.