As a product manager, I keep tabs on the competition (shocking but true) and see many calling themselves  “leaders in enterprise mobility space”, “end-to end mobility solution providers” or “comprehensive enterprise mobility solution providers”. Comprehensive leadership in mobility demands capabilities that span a continuum of mobile device control: from delivering standalone apps to employee-owned devices, to enabling a secure enterprise workspace on an unmanaged device, all the way to enrolling and fully managing the mobile device.

One size does not fit all. With due respect to the competition, I believe Citrix has redefined what it means to be a comprehensive mobility management solution.

Today Citrix announced XenMobile MDM, a market-leading MDM solution, and the Mobile Solutions Bundle, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. The Mobile Solutions Bundle combines CloudGateway and the new XenMobile MDM to offer key capabilities that make up a complete EMM solution including MDM, secure productivity apps such as email, and federated identity across applications. Combining the Mobile Solutions Bundle with Citrix ShareFile – the Citrix EFSS (Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing) solution, we now offer what truly is an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution.

Now, a lot of MDM and EFSS vendors claim third party integrations and partnerships in this space. But enterprises are looking for integrated solutions from a single vendor that can simplify deployment, management and support. Citrix has a portfolio of mobile–optimized solutions that cannot be matched:

  • XenDesktop – secure delivery of Windows apps and desktops to any device
  • The Mobile Solutions Bundle – including MDM and secure mobile app management
  • ShareFile – enterprise-class file sync and sharing on any device
  • GoToMeeting and Podio – secure collaboration from anywhere

Over the last 2 years there has been a tremendous amount of interest in EFSS and MDM solutions. The Cloud-era workforce demands secure access to apps and data on any device and secure collaboration both within and outside the organization. If IT fails to deliver an easy to use solution for EFSS, end users will risk company data by using an unsanctioned file sharing service. With ShareFile and the Mobile Solutions Bundle, IT can deliver a “follow-me apps and data” experience without running afoul of security and compliance requirements.  IT gets granular level control with MDM, scenario-based access control for both apps and data, containerized mobile apps including ShareFile mobile apps and federated identity with strong authentication. And while IT safeguards the device, apps and data, the user experience is seamless and rich with features designed to meet the productivity needs of the modern workforce: use native mobile apps wherever possible, and deliver legacy Windows apps via remoting when required.

Using ShareFile as an example, there are varying degrees of control that IT can enforce based on they find themselves on the continuum of mobile device control. End users can start with ShareFile as a standalone mobile app, and enjoy secure file access and sharing from the device of their choice. Add mobile application management with CloudGateway and IT can place ShareFile alongside a broader set of approved applications into a secure enterprise “sandbox” that leverages Citrix Receiver for shared authentication and enables data sharing only within the secure workspace.

CloudGateway includes app wrapping capabilities, which intercept and redirect certain ShareFile app actions like authentication and document handling. On the mobile device, CloudGateway provisions approved applications from a company app store and orchestrates the sharing of data within (but not outside) the secure workspace. Administrators can define app-level policies such as allowing ShareFile to run only when connected to an authorized Wi-Fi network, requiring the user to re-authenticate each time they launch the app, or only allow users to open data with secure business apps (instead of personal apps).

If the secure app/workspace approach is not comprehensive enough for the level of device control required, you would add the Mobile Solutions Bundle for full control of the device, including app provisioning, white listing, black listing and dozens of other controls.

So, let us know your thoughts, we are excited to offer leading solutions in both the EFSS and EMM space and look forward to hearing from you!

Bill Carovano

Citrix ShareFile Product Management