Over the past year, we have spoken with hundreds of customers who are all struggling with the same problem: enabling, managing and securing mobility in their organizations. The problem often stems from the fact that to meet the various needs of IT and employees, IT is forced to cobble together a set of different vendor solutions – each of which addresses different challenges. In general, the challenges that we hear most often are:

  • “We need an enterprise grade MDM solution”. To support device choice, IT must be able to ensure compliance of corporate assets and the security of corporate content on the device. To do this, IT needs role-based management, configuration and security of corporate and employee-owned devices.
  • “Our employees need access to secure email, browser and data sharing apps”. Mobile users cannot leave home without their email, access to the web, and access to their docs. This means that IT must provide these users secure, apps that deliver a rich user experience for email, calendar, contacts, along with a full browser for access to intranet and extranet sites, and documents from anywhere.
  • “The number of mobile apps is increasing too fast…we need mobile app management”. With the increase in mobile apps, IT requires management, security and control over these apps and their associated data. Specifically, IT must be able to secure any custom-developed, third-party or BYO mobile app, with comprehensive policy-based controls, including the ability to remote lock, wipe and encrypt apps and data.
  • “Our employees need access to *all* of their apps to be productive”. To be productive, mobile users need a single place to access all of their mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows apps. This place should allow users to choose the apps they need and have them instantly available on their device. And, as users move between their favorite devices, their chosen apps should follow to ensure they are never without them.
  • “We need an easier way to control user access and simplify the user experience”. IT manages thousands of apps and thus they need a simple way to provision, de-provision and ensure the security of apps based on user identity. This is especially true of SaaS apps, which often get forgotten because the user credentials may be managed separately in the cloud.

While many of these needs have been met to-date with CloudGateway, Citrix did not have an MDM solution. This was one of the many reason that Citrix acquired Zenprise earlier this year. And today, we have great news. Not only have we announced XenMobile MDM, our new MDM solution based on the Zenprise market-leading technologies, we also announced the powerful combination of CloudGateway and XenMobile MDM to deliver complete enterprise mobility management via our new Mobile Solutions Bundle.

The Mobile Solutions Bundle addresses all the user requirements above with a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution designed to give users the flexibility they need combined with the control needed by IT. The solution offers MDM, secure productivity apps such as email, an enterprise app store for users to access all of their apps, and single sign-on to all applications. The solution eliminates the need for IT to buy point solutions from multiple vendors in order to meet the flexibility needs of users and the security and compliance requirements of IT.

Whether your organization is replacing BlackBerry devices with BYO, finding a Good Technologies replacement due to poor user experience, getting started with a mobility initiative and seeking a leading mobile device management solution, or looking for a mobility solution that delivers more than just mobile apps, the Mobile Solutions Bundle provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that meets any mobile requirement.

Give it a try, tell us what you think!