Today, Citrix introduced the world to XenMobile MDM, a new product that provides industry-leading mobile management capabilities, and the Mobile Solutions Bundle, which comprises of XenMobile MDM and CloudGateway, to deliver a complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution. While these new solutions offer fantastic capabilties – and the Zenprise team have done an amazing job over the last few years creating a leadership position – I believe customers will be most interested in watching the solutions earn their “Xen stripes.” That is, they will be eagerly watching how XenMobile integrates with ShareFile, GoToMeeting, Podio, Netscaler and of course, XenDesktop and XenApp.

Naturally, the integration points with XenDesktop and XenApp hit closest to home for me, as they are the primary solutions that I look after from a Product Marketing perspective. Our customers have been using XenDesktop and XenApp to enable mobile work styles since the days when a mobile device simply meant a laptop! But now we we’ve expanded our reach with Citrix Receiver to include delivering Windows apps to all sorts of tablets and smartphones – in fact, some 3 billion devices are capable of getting their Windows apps “on the go.” However, as wide-ranging as our capabilities have been, there has always something missing from the picture; we could securely get Windows apps to the device, but we couldn’t help secure the device itself. Now, with XenMobile MDM and the Mobile Solutions Bundle, XenDesktop and XenApp customers can get an end-to-end system for mobility down to the endpoint. For current Citrix customers, this is a piece of the puzzle that they have been waiting for. It’s the first of its kind in the industry, and unlike other “solutions,” it’s ready to go TODAY (well, on Monday, Feb. 25).

What’s even more exciting is what this means for the IT folks in charge of mobility strategy, who might only just be learning about Citrix through the launch of XenMobile. Yes, they’ve probably been shopping for MDM solutions for some time, and many probably already knew of Zenprise as a result. Now that Citrix is on their radar, their world, and the strategic value that they can bring their enterprises, just got a whole lot bigger.

Let’s say you’re the mobile expert in your company. Your days have probably been consumed with native iOS and Android apps, making sense of corporate-focused solutions and trying to deal with all the employee-owned devices. When someone approached you about Windows apps, you probably reflexively pointed him down the hall to the desktop guy, or took down a few requirements to pass along to the developers that were working on re-coding everything for mobile.

It’s undeniable that the penetration and volume of Windows apps is tremendous, and they form the backbone of how business is done. However, there simply isn’t enough time in the day or money in the bank to convert everything Windows into mobile.

Now imagine that you find out that Citrix offers a solution that can not only give you the enterprise MDM you’ve been shopping for, but also encompass mobile and Windows apps as well. And that there are tools in the solution that can help optimize those Windows apps for a mobile, touch-enabled experience. And that you don’t have to rewrite the apps to make them work on just about any device you can imagine. And you can run, manage and secure those apps from the datacenter. And that users can connect over mobile networks to those apps, no problem. And users can get access to it all via self-service, from a common enterprise storefront for Windows and mobile apps.

All of a sudden, you’ve gone from thinking about a tactical “mobility challenge” to an enterprise-wide “mobility opportunity.”