Citrix is working with SoC partners to develop the HDX Ready SoC solution which the OEMs use to build the innovative devices with great user experience for HDX technologies. We delivered the first phase of this solution in our ‘Receiver for Linux 12.2 for ARM’ where Citrix optimized the whole 2D Graphics (server side graphics) performance and shared the SDK with partners to accelerate it on their hardware or DSP components. This release also had the support for ‘HDX MediaStream – Windows Media Redirection’ feature, where the partners accelerated various media codec on their SoC to give local like experience for media playback. Citrix provided various bug fixes for the customers on top of the 12.2 release of Receiver for Linux.

In the next phase of this initiative, we worked on improving 2D Graphics performance further by doing some intelligent optimizations in the Receiver. This is provided to the SoC partners through our updated SDK in ‘Receiver for Linux 12.5 for ARM’. We also did the additional SDK based implementation for ‘HDX RealTime – Audio’ (audio input/output) in this release, which will allow the partners to accelerate audio processing on the hardware or DSP components.

Receiver for Linux 12.5 is ready for the Flash redirection feature provided that optimized Flash player for ARM is available on the platform and the Receiver can make use of it for redirection.

Once the SoC partners implement the acceleration of different HDX features, they run the SoC Readiness kit accessible via SoC builder community portal. Compliance to SoC Readiness criteria mentioned in the kit makes sure that the chipset is HDX Ready SoC and any device manufactured based on this SoC will be of HDX Ready quality.

We are seeing great benefits in terms of performance with every optimization that we do in our Receiver or help our partners to accelerate the HDX functions. Looking a year back, we can see a great improvement to be proud of.

We have seen many ARM SoC based HDX Ready devices come out last year. With Receiver for Linux 12.5 for ARM and our future planned work through 2013 we expect to see the HDX Ready Premium devices also available on this platform. The devices we expect and see today are of both conventional form factors like box type thin client and non-conventional form factors like All-In-One monitors and many more.

This is great news for the customers, who are looking to replace their existing FAT end point devices with the next gen HDX Ready SoC devices.

We are working on each HDX feature one by one to optimize it on ARM SoC platform. Though this is an incremental process, the customers don’t have to worry about it because the devices that they will buy today will just need a software upgrade in the form of firmware and Citrix Receiver upgrade to support the future optimizations. We encourage use of ARM SoC platform for HDX which gives number of benefits in cost, power and performance right away!